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Healing Retreat Sweden



JUNE 12TH-16TH, 2024

Embrace the Healing Harmony: Medicine Music Training & Forest Spirit Healing Retreat in Sweden

Discover Your Inner Musician and Healer in Skåne's Wilderness 

Welcome to our beloved Healing Retreat in Sweden. Join us at The Wild Meadow, nestled outside Näsum in Northern Skåne, where a unique convergence of Medicine Music Training and the celebrated Forest Spirit Healing Retreat awaits your arrival. This sanctuary is a call to those yearning to blend the art of music with the essence of nature's healing.

Highlights of this Healing Retreat in Sweden

  • Forest Spirit Deep Meditation Ceremony

  • Cacao Ceremony with Medicine Music

  • Transformational Breathwork Sessions

  • Voice and Body Workshop

  • Medicine Chants and Mantras

  • Instrument Workshops

Why Join a Medicine Music Training? 

Discover Your Musical and Vocal Potential

Dive into a world where playing the guitar, singing healing chants, and embodying the spirit of medicine songs become second nature. This healing retreat in Sweden is designed not just for musicians but for anyone eager to explore their creative and vocal expression, requiring no prior musical knowledge, only a heart open to the magic of sound.

Medicine Music: A Global Path of Healing

Medicine music, recognized worldwide for its deep healing properties, offers a journey of beauty, resonance, and harmony. It's an exploration of self, shedding the layers of fear and shame that hold us back, inviting a profound transformation that liberates our natural, expressive selves.

A Synergy of Learning and Healing

The retreat intertwines the joy of learning music with the profound healing modalities of breathwork, plant work, and more, guided by the spirit of cacao and the wisdom of the forest spirits. It's an immersive experience designed to awaken the voice of your soul, with follow-up sessions to integrate your journey post-retreat.

Comprehensive Learning Experience - From Chords to Sacred Space

Gain confidence in holding sacred spaces with sound and music, learning basic chords, mantras, and songs. The medicine music training introduces a variety of instruments, offering a holistic understanding of music as a healing tool.

Deep Nature Connection and Vocal Discovery

Through direct engagement with nature and innovative teaching methods, participants rediscover their true voice and learn to harmonize their inner rhythms with the natural world, embracing the wild, indigenous aspect of their being.

Daily Immersion in the Healing Arts - A Journey Through Sound and Silence

Begin your days with breathwork and nature walks, transitioning into workshops that explore the body's connection to voice and music. The afternoons delve deeper into the study of medicine chants and mantras, culminating in evenings of ceremony and communal music sessions.


Rituals and Ceremonies for the Soul

Participate in Cacao Medicine Ceremonies and Forest Medicine Ceremonies, where the healing power of ritual and the wisdom of the earth come together to guide you on a transformative path.

Daily Retreat Flow

  • Morning: Start with yoga, breathwork, or meditation.

  • Sessions: Explore voice work and instruments, including guitar and harmonium basics.

  • Afternoon and Evening: Learn facilitation skills and engage in Medicine Music, Kirtan, breathwork, and sound healing sessions.

  • Nourishment: Enjoy high-vibe vegetarian meals, herbal elixirs, and ceremonial cacao

About Your Facilitators: Floramor and Nina Medicina

Floramor is a devoted singer of medicine music in different forms. Honoring the spirit of the traditions she is inspired by, she chooses to grow her own garden.


Floramor could always sing. And saw herself performing on stage. Nevertheless it took her 20 years of transformational personal work (including 6 years as an ashramite, devoted entirely to a monastic path of yoga), before she was ready to call herself a “singer” and a “musician”. Her career took off with the success of a unique band Mantra Tribe, that has been performing at major spiritual festivals in Europe since 2016 and created its own genre, a tribal ecstatic mantra music. Here, Floramor lives her incarnation as a “rock star”, channeling the crazy, transformative energy of Goddess Kali on stage and in her compositions, that she creates with the band.


Since 2017 she has been on a synergistic path merging creatively the elements of her tantric and yogic experience with the plant medicine work, learning from different shamanic traditions of Central and South- America and channeling music. Floramor sees and honors the One Spirit behind all different traditions, serving the unfolding of the new consciousness on the planet.

 ‘Together the songs are weaving a vision of harmony and I am deeply grateful to offer them a space, where they can display their delightful beauty’.


Nina Medicina is a herbalist, Swedish forest goddess, cacao and breahtwork facilitator and she owns the magical sanctuary- The Wild Meadow, where we will host this retreat.

Nina has been working with herbs, plants and ceremonial cacao for several years and she is very passionate to share sacred herbs and plants in ceremonies all over the world combined with a technique called transformational breathwork and sacred sounds. Nina has been studying all sorts of healing modalities with some of the world's most renowned teachers. She is a herbalist from The Gaia School of Healing and School of The Sacred Wild and she is currently in a 18 month long herbal medicine program for woman with the amazing herbalist, midwife and MD, Dr Aviva Romm. She is a certified holistic health coach from IIN, a 200 YTT AMBA womans embodiment teacher as well as a breathwork teacher, trained with David Elliott. She also has a 100 hr certification from sound ceremony academy as a sound ceremonialist.

On top of that she has gone to retreats and festivals allover the world, sat in ceremonies with plant medicine teachers, shamans and healers and spent the a few months at a permaculture farm in Costa Rica- and the answers she always comes back to is that Nature is the best medicine!




Joining the Healing Retreat in Sweden: Practical Information

Nourishment and Accommodation

Indulge in healthy, nourishing vegan meals prepared with high-vibe ingredients, and enjoy the comfort of The Wild Meadow's accommodations, designed to harmonize with the natural surroundings.

Travel Arrangements and Cancellation Policy- Read more on the booking page

The Wild Meadow's blend of Medicine Music Training and Forest Spirit Healing Retreat offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore the depths of your creativity and the heights of your spiritual journey.

Located just an hour drive from Malmö, our retreat offers easy access for participants from Stockholm and nearby areas. Carpooling arrangements and pick-up options from local transportation hubs are available.

Embrace the Retreat Experience

  • Special Opportunities: Discounted rates for photography and videography services.

  • Payment Options: Flexible plans available.

Reserve Your Spot at Our Healing Retreat in Sweden

For more details and to reserve your space, contact us at or or head over to the booking page.

Read more, see pricing and book here

*Payment plans available for those in need- reach out and lets talk

Medicine Music Training
A 5 day training in the world of medicine music- learn new songs and instruments, learn how to hold and set up sacred space and get the tools and confidence to share your voice. Other activities will be breathwork, cacao, ceremonies, rituals and a deep forest spirit healing ceremony.
Jun 12, 2024, 4:00 PM – Jun 16, 2024, 2:00 PM
Oretorpsvägen, 295 94 Näsum, Sweden
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