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My experience with ceremonial cacao


I attended my first cacao ceremony 2017 when I was living in LA and it changed my life forever. Tata Pedro Cruz- one of the few surviving members of the Mayan Council of the Elders of Tz'utujil and his daughter Nana Marina Cruz who is a spiritual leader, was visiting town and we were a group gathering around a sacred fire in Venice beach. We learned more about the sacred fire, cacao, tobacco and we got to sing some traditional songs. My mind was blown away and my heart was wide open by their teachings and by this sacred plant medicine Cacao. A fruit that like so many other sacred plants like tobacco and the coca plant has got abused and processed into toxic products like cigarettes, chocolate and cocaine- The plant spirits are not happy about that!


I bought a few blocks of their magical cacao and started to drink it on a daily basis, creating my own Cacao ritual in the morning before going to my stressful job in the fashion industry. After a few days I wasn't craving coffee anymore which was one of my big addictions. I felt I got all the energy I needed from the Cacao but opposite of coffee, cacao does not affect the nervous system so I didn't have the big energy dips and my jitters improved as well. Like that wasn't enough my hormonal acne disappeared within a month of drinking ceremonial cacao, just like that. I had been working for years to balance my hormones with no good result and here it was, so easy, so delicious and such a powerful healer. 


I was surprised not more people knew about this pure cacao translated "food of the gods" and all wonders it can do to our physical and mental health. I decided I wanted to learn everything about this medicine and bring it to my friends and family in Sweden and have since then been on a mission to create and spread this potent medicine in it's purest form as well as my own blends with different adaptogens, superfoods, herbs and spices to make it easy for you to incorporate this medicine into your life. This baby now has grown to Wild Cacao Collective where we work with the best Cacao from Guatemala and soon from Colombia.


I have lived in the jungle in Costa Rica where I got to experience the entire process from harvesting the fruit, to fermenting, roasting, peeling, grinding to making a cup of delicious well earned cup of Cacao and I am excited and passionate about educating about this entire process, the health benefits and the difference in both process and benefits of artisanal/ ceremonial cacao vs processed cacao powder or chocolate you buy in the store. 

You can read more about it on my blog.


Today, I still drink at least a cup a day and my skin is glowing, my hormones are balanced, I have energy, a calm nervous system, my cravings are no longer existing, and my heart is open which makes it easy for me to follow her direction. I am forever grateful for this medicine and all the magical people that makes it possible for me to drink her in and make it possible for me to share this medicine with all of you. 


Wild Cacao Collective are offering 2 different kinds of ceremonial/ artisanal cacao all the way from the sacred Lake Atitlan and my friends at Lavalove and Ruk’u’x’Ulew. 


And for those of you who don't have the time or energy (YET!) to make your own blends, you can purchase our handcrafted adaptogenic blends supercharged with healthy mushrooms, superfoods, spices and herbs. 

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Ceremonial cacao has possibly the highest amount of antioxidants of any food- more than Acai and blueberries and can help you boost your immune system. 


Cacao  increases the blood flow to the brain, creating more mental agility, awareness, energy and focus but without making you jittery like caffeine can do for some including myself.


Drinking ceremonial cacao on a regular basis can have therapeutic health benefits, including creating new neural pathways that change our daily experience to include more joy, love, and connection. How amazing? Cacao helps boost our serotonin and dopamine levels and also helps release some other dope joy and bliss molecules. A natural anti depressant with no side effects that can also help relieve emotional stress. 


I personally got rid of my hormonal acne in less than a month of drinking cacao and reduced my PMS symtoms, menstrual cramps and bad mood around my moon time. Need a say more? 


Phenethylamine is a chemical, which occurs in small quantities in cacao and it stimulates the nervous system and triggers the release of pleasurable opium-like compounds known as endorphins. It also activates dopamine, which is associated with sexual arousal and pleasure. Cacao actually promotes the brain chemistry of feeling in love- in yourself, a partner and in life.


Consuming cacao can replenish minerals vital to our body that many of us in the western world are deficient in i.e  magnesium that helps your body relax as well as iron, zink, copper and calcium to name a few.

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Create your own Cacao ritual at home


Different from the chocolate most of us are accustomed to, Cacao is used as a potent beverage in ceremony for healing, heart-opening and connecting more with who we truly are. 


I want to inspire you to bring the element of ceremony into your everyday life by starting the day with a Cacao Ritual and here is just an example of how you can do it.


Prepare Your Sacred Space:

Create a sacred space within your home, a sanctuary where you can dive deep into the realm of the heart. Clear the energy by burning some incense or blessing herbs- local ones we can find in Sweden are Pine, Pino Santo, Mugworth, Rosemary, Lavender or maybe you are growing some Sage at home? Its always preferable to use a blessing herb native to where we live and if we do use indigenous plants like Palo Santo then use it with a lot of gratitude and honor the lands of where it grew. Maybe create an altar with a candle, crystals, pictures of loved ones, nature objects, flowers and yes you get the point.

Make a cup of Ceremonial Cacao- You find some recipes below and the Cacao you find at Wild Cacao Collective. Set an intention for your ritual and for your day, infusing the cacao with your deepest desires and heartfelt prayers as you make it.

Mindful Preparation:

Take a moment to honor the Cacao as you make your cup. Chop your cacao and as you do so allow the aroma to fill the air and start to breathe her in, the spirit of Cacao. Gently heat your chosen liquid, whether it be pure water or a nourishing plant-based milk- I prefer the traditional way of how water. If you are doing your cacao the easy way in the blender- you put all ingredients in the blender and blend until frothy and smooth. If you do it the more traditional way then you slowly melt the cacao, infusing it with your love, gratitude, and intention as you stir it mindfully on the stove, knowing that you are creating a sacred elixir of transformation.


Invocation and Connection:

Call upon the spirit of the cacao and any guides or guardians you resonate with. Speak from your heart, inviting their presence, wisdom, and guidance into your sacred space. Allow yourself to connect with the energy of the cacao, feeling its gentle embrace and the connect with your heart's desires. How is your heart today? And what is one thing you can do today to listen to and follow your heart a little bit more?

Sip with Intention:

Hold your ceremonial cup with gratitude, feeling her warmth in your hands. Take a mindful sip, savoring the rich taste and the sensation as it flows through your being. With each sip, allow the cacao to nourish your body, mind, and soul. Let it awaken your senses, open your heart, and invite you to go into the depths of self-discovery. 

Meditation and Reflection:

Close your eyes and enter into a state of meditation. Allow the cacao's medicine to guide your journey inward. Listen to the whispers of your soul, as you explore the depths of your being, releasing what no longer serves you and embracing the light within. Reflect on your intentions, insights, and emotions that arise. Trust in the wisdom of your inner and higher self. 

Creative Expression:

Engage in creative practices that resonate with your soul. Write in your journal, paint, draw, dance, or play music. Allow the energy of the cacao to flow through your creative expression, guiding you to new realms of self-discovery and self-expression. Let your heart be the guide, and surrender to the creative impulses that arise. I personally love to take my Cacao time to practice a new instruments and sing medicine songs and mantras. Shaking and blindfolded meditation dance is some other favorite more active practices I make sure to do at least a few times a week

Gratitude and Integration:

As your ceremony comes to a close, express gratitude for the gifts and teachings received. Offer gratitude to the cacao, the spirit guides, and the universe for their presence and guidance. Take a moment to ground yourself, integrating the energy and insights gained during the ceremony. Embrace the transformation and carry it with you as you continue your journey of self-discovery and growth.

Remember that creating your own ceremonial cacao ritual is a sacred act of self-love and self-discovery. Trust in your intuition, follow the whispers of your heart, and allow the cacao to be your guide as you embark on this beautiful journey of inner exploration. 

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Where to buy Ceremonial Cacao?

Head over to Wild Cacao Collective for my absolute favorite Ceremonial Cacao there is.

Ceremonial Cacao recipe

This is a basic recipe I love to use for my daily dose of Cacao

1. Heat 2 dl of water until hot, but don’t boil, and add into a blender.

2. Add 2 tablespoons of the Cacao. (If you bought a block, chop it with a knife and cutting board.)

3. Add a sweetener of your choice. I love 2 dates or 1- 2 tbsp of raw honey.

Additionally you can add your favorite spices, adaptogens and superfoods. As an inspiration: Sea Salt, Cayenne, Cinnamon, Cardamon, Reishi, and/or Maca. Only your imagination can stop you here.

5. Optional, add additional amazing fats like Coconut Butter, MCT oil, Tahini, or Ghee for a next-level frothy supercharged cacao that will keep you full for hours.

6. Blend until smooth and frothy (approximately 30 seconds).

7. Each time you enjoy a cup, I recommend slowing down, taking a breath, and gaining clarity on your intentions.

ENJOY magical one!


For more recipes and inspiration you can follow our Cacao Journey @wildcacaocollective


Ruk’u’x’Ulew cacao

Ruk’u’x’Ulew Cacao

Is a 100% Mayan owned, all indigenous women’s collective producing artisanal Guatemalan grown ceremonial Cacao.

They are such amazing woman and their cacao is so healing and  delicious and I am proud to be their authorised reseller in Scandinavia..

They source all their premium ceremonial grade cacao from Alta Verapaz, Guatemala and process it in San Marcos La Laguna, on the shores of Lake Atitlan. Each bean is fermented, sun-dried, lightly roasted and peeled by hand. It is milled in small batches and is such unique, artisanal cacao with a traditional chocolate flavor and some hints of blackberry. I love just sitting around their collective, smelling the cacao getting roasted and watching the beans get peeled with love and laughter.

Every purchase of this heart opening cacao supports Mayan indigenous people through ethical direct trade, and helps them preserve their spiritual traditions and values. 

LavaLove Cacao

LavaLove Cacao

Thanks to Cacao, Izaias & Izabel are lovers, parents and healers, following the path that was meant for them. Their calling is to educate people from any background to connect with the origin of cacao and make good use of this sacred heart medicine, making the knowledge of its values available as well as the physical benefits that has to our bodies. I absolutely love their very potent ceremonial cacao and to sit with them in ceremony is something I wish for everyone to get to experience.


Lavalove's cacao is harvested on the Pacific coast of Guatemala and their blend is the result of a selection from various local farmers who preserve their Criollo cacao trees, who look after their cacao plantations organically (without chemical fertilizers).

The aroma of their  cacao is soft in the mouth, with floral notes and powerful earthy flavours in the end.


Lavalove Cacao is committed to providing ceremonial cacao and treating it as a sacred food and a medicine. Its production is aligned with respect for the environment, including roasting, grinding and biodegradable packaging.

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