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The Healing Power of a Cacao Ceremony

Join me for an online Cacao Ceremony with breathwork where we create a space for self-discovery, heart-opening and inner healing.  Prepare to embark on a transformative journey that combines the wisdom of ceremonial cacao with the profound healing power of breathwork.

What is a Cacao Ceremony and How Can It Transform You?

A Cacao Ceremony is a sacred space that invites you to leave the chatter of your mind and embrace the wisdom of your heart. It unlocks your inner magic, talents, and self-love.

In this nurturing sanctuary, you'll find self-acceptance and healing, allowing you to connect with your inner light and release what's been holding you back.

When you join me for a Cacao ceremony, it's an opportunity to gain clarity about the things manifesting in your life and why they're there. It's a chance to release resistance and open up to the path life is inviting you to tread.

Cacao gently guides you from the mind to the heart, soothing your nervous system and granting access to your subconscious with deep focus and relaxation. From this tranquil state, you'll embrace the parts of yourself that are yearning to be acknowledged, loved, and fully embraced.

I'll be there to guide you through this journey, ensuring you leave with greater understanding and an abundance of inner light. After these ceremonies, you'll feel a profound sense of release, openness, and self-love.

These ceremonies hold the potential to shift your perspective on life. You'll begin to understand the lessons concealed within life's challenges, transitioning from seeing life as something happening 'to' you to recognizing that life unfolds 'for' you and your growth.

What will happen in an Online Cacao ceremony?

I create a warm and and safe space for your healing process and our session together includes:

☽Introduction to ceremonial cacao and breathwork

☽A heart opening and nourishing cup of ceremonial cacao that you can preorder from me upon booking a ceremony.

☽Intention setting

☽Grounding Meditation 

☽A short embodied movement session like shaking, dancing and body awakening

☽Guided Transformational Breathwork

☽Sharing circle and Integrations

Is a Cacao Ceremony for you?

A Cacao ceremony with breathwork is for you if you might want to…

☽ Open up your heart and tune into to your inner voice, your inner knowing

☽ Get clarity on what is important in your life- find your purpose, your why

☽ Work on releasing stress and/ or anxiety and calm your nervous system 

☽ Get out of your head and quiet down the chatter in your monkey mind

☽ Get increased energy

☽ Increase your self love and self worth

☽ Enhance your creativity

☽ Explore new ways to heal your body and your mind

☽ Feel more grounded and in contact with your own body

☽ Connect with other like hearted souls

☽ Experience relaxation and total bliss

How long is a online Cacao Ceremony?

My Online Cacao Ceremony is normally around 2 hours. This time allows for the full integration of the cacao's effects and provides space for deep inner work, reflection, and sharings. 


How much does your Online Cacao Ceremony cost?

The price for my Online Cacao Ceremonies is 2495 sek for a 2 hours Ceremony including breathwork.

10% discount for your own Ceremonial Cacao from Wild Cacao- Ask for a discount code upon booking your ceremony.

Contact me easiest on my email:

You can read more about breathwork, benefits and reviews on the BREATHWORK page and read everything you need to know about CEREMONIAL CACAO.

Other ways to experience Cacao with me:

Join any of my group Cacao Ceremonies

Join my next Ceremonial Cacao Online Training

Book a private training with me in Skåne (can be mixed with breathwork and herbalism)

Your most commonly asked Questions about Ceremonial Cacao are answered HERE

Here are some more specific questions about the online format for my Cacao Ceremonies:


What is an online Cacao Ceremony, and how does it work?

An online cacao ceremony is a sacred virtual gathering that uses ceremonial-grade cacao from Guatemala to facilitate a heart-opening experience. Participants connect via ZOOM and are guided through rituals, meditation, and intention-settings as well as a profound Breathwork practice.

Are online cacao ceremonies as effective as in-person ones?

Yes, Online cacao ceremonies can be equally effective in creating a deep, transformative experience. The power lies in your intention willingness to open up to this work.

What are the benefits of participating in online cacao ceremonies?

Benefits include emotional healing, enhanced self-awareness, stress reduction, and a sense of connection. It can also promote creativity and self-love.

How do I prepare for an online cacao ceremony at home?

Start by Creating Your Sacred Space for the Online Cacao Ceremony

Here are some examples:

1. Design Your Sacred Space: Find a quiet, private spot where you can fully immerse yourself in this experience. It's your space, so make it uniquely yours. Surround yourself with pillows, candles, and any items that resonate with you, like a notebook, crystals, or oracle cards. But remember, the most important element is your presence and intention. Simplicity can be just as powerful.

2. Charge Your Devices: Ensure your laptop or phone is fully charged or have a charging cord and outlet nearby. Position your device comfortably at eye level, perhaps on books or a stand, to prevent any discomfort during the ceremony. Consider using headphones for a more immersive experience.

3. Prepare Your Cacao: Select your favorite cup and make your ceremonial cacao using my foundational recipe found at the bottom of this page. To keep it warm, use a thermos until the ceremony begins. Then, pour it into your cup when you're ready to start.

4. Embrace Openness: Embrace this new experience with an open heart and mind. Let go of any expectations or fears. Think of it as a beautiful act of self-care, a special moment you've carved out for yourself. No need to worry; I have designed these ceremonies to be welcoming and approachable for everyone to join.

​Are there any risks or contraindications associated with online cacao ceremonies?

Ceremonial Cacao is generally safe for most people to drink but here are a few contraindications:

Anti-depressants: Combining ceremonial cacao with certain anti-depressants can cause headaches or even serotonin overdose, so start with a small cacao dose (around 5-10g) and increase gradually.

Caffeine: If you have a sensitive system then I advise to wait at least two hours after consuming caffeine before enjoying cacao to avoid a racing heart and headaches. 

Heart Conditions: Severe heart conditions and cacao don't always mix well so if you are unsure then please consult a medical professional 

Pregnancy: Pregnant individuals can start with a small cacao dose (about 5-10g), and always listen to your body.

Pets: Keep cacao away from pets like dogs, horses, and parrots, as it can be toxic or fatal to them.

Alcohol and Drugs: Avoid combining cacao with alcohol or chemical drugs.

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