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The Healing Power of a Cacao Ceremony

Join me for an online Cacao Ceremony with breathwork where we create a space for self-discovery, heart-opening and inner healing.  Prepare to embark on a transformative journey that combines the wisdom of ceremonial cacao with the profound healing power of breathwork.

What is a Cacao Ceremony and what can it do for you? 

A Cacao Ceremony is a sacred and meditative space that helps you get out of your head and into your heart; opening the doors to your magic, talents and gifts. Cacao's primary role is to open your heart and help you love yourself right where you are. 

A Cacao ceremony is a place of self-love, acceptance and healing; allowing you to connect with your light and let go of what's getting in the way. 

A cacao ceremony with me can help you gain more clarity about what is showing up in your life and why, so you can release any resistance and open up to see what life is inviting you to embody and what's next.  You can come to work on a specific physical/emotional/spiritual issue or simply allow whatever is ready to be worked with to reveal itself during the ceremony. 

Cacao helps you move past the mind and into the heart, relaxing the nervous system and helping you access the subconscious from a place of deep focus and relaxation. From this state of being you have access to the parts of yourself that are ready to be seen, loved and worked with. 

Cacao will help gently bring these aspects to the surface so that we can work with them together. This can mean either experiencing beautiful openings and more of your light, or it can mean accessing stored emotions, beliefs or energetic blocks that are ready to leave your system. 

I will guide you through to the other side so that you leave with greater understanding and much more light. After these ceremonies you'll feel a sense of release, openness and much more self-love. 

These ceremonies can help you begin to change the way you relate to your life by understanding the lesson behind the "problems" in your life. You can begin to move from seeing life as happening 'to' you, to seeing life as happening 'for' you and your expansion.

What will happen in a Online Cacao ceremony?

I create a warm and and safe space for your healing process and our session together includes:

☽Introduction to ceremonial cacao and breathwork

☽A heart opening and nourishing cup of ceremonial cacao that you can preorder from me upon booking a ceremony.

☽Intention setting

☽Grounding Meditation 

☽A short embodied movement session like shaking, dancing and body awakening

☽Guided Transformational Breathwork

☽Sharing circle and Integrations

Is a Cacao Ceremony for you?

A cacao ceremony with breathwork is for you if you might want to…

☽ Open up your heart and tune into to your inner voice, your inner knowing

☽ Get clarity on what is important in your life- find your purpose, your why

☽ Work on releasing stress and/ or anxiety and calm your nervous system 

☽ Get out of your head and quiet down the chatter in your monkey mind

☽ Get increased energy

☽ Increase your self love and self worth

☽ Enhance your creativity

☽ Explore new ways to heal your body and your mind

☽ Feel more grounded and in contact with your own body

☽ Connect with other like hearted souls

☽ Experience relaxation and total bliss

How long is a Cacao Ceremony?

My Online Cacao Ceremony is normally around 2 hours. This time allows for the full integration of the cacao's effects and provides space for deep inner work, reflection, and sharings. 


Pricing and bookings:

☽ 2495 sek for a 2 hours Ceremony including breathwork.

10% discount for your own ceremonial cacao from Wild Cacao- order upon booking your ceremony.

Contact me easiest on my email:

You can read more about breathwork, benefits and reviews on the BREATHWORK page and read everything you need to know about CEREMONIAL CACAO.

Other ways to experience Cacao with me:

Join any of my group Cacao Ceremonies

Join my next Ceremonial Cacao Online Training

Book a private training with me in Skåne (can be mixed with breathwork and herbalism)

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