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Early Bird Offer until July 25th

Embark on a Transformative 4-week Online Breathwork Training that will equip you with the essential tools, knowledge, and confidence to use Ceremonial Breathwork as a powerful healing modality.

Whether for your own well-being or to guide others, this online breathwork training will empower you.

Dive into the world of ritual and ceremony and develop a deeper connection to the sacred within you and around you! 🌿🕊️

Why Choose This Online Breathwork Training?

This highly transformative training is carefully curated to provide you with the essential tools, knowledge, and the confidence needed to master breathwork as a healing modality, both for those you lead as well as  for your own personal source of vitality and well being.

What You Will Learn

During this training, we will dive into the science behind breathwork while also unlocking the mysteries of our energy centers, known as chakras, and discover how to balance them. We will focus mainly on the 4 lower chakras- the root, the sacral, the solar plexus and our dear heart chakra and level 2 focuses more on the upper chakras. 

The breathing technique is a simple yet profound 3-part breathing pattern. Inhale deeply into the lower belly, then rise to the upper chest, and finally release with a relaxed exhalation. We'll explore other calming breathwork techniques perfect for opening and closing ceremonies as well as for calming our nervous system.

For fellow healers on their journey, this training is an opportunity to enrich your practice and deepen your understanding of breath as a healing modality for body and mind. 🌱🌟

What You'll Learn in this 4 week and 4 module Ceremonial Breathwork Training

📘 Theory: Learn the basics of breathwork, the science of breathing, understanding the nervous system, contraindications, and more

🌱 Practice: Immerse yourself in the ceremonial 3-part breath, exploring various breathing patterns to unlock healing states of consciousness, deep relaxation, anxiety release etc

🌟 The importance of setting clear intentions- both in ceremony but also in our daily life

🌈 Insights into the Chakra Energy System: Integrate these teachings into client sessions, personal life, workshops, and ceremonies. Plus, get the knowledge you need to start diagnosing and releasing chakra blockages.

🌍 Elemental Wisdom: Connect with the elements, harness their healing wisdom, and nurture meaningful alliances in the plant queen and kingdom for profound healing.

🌌 Sacred Space: Learn how to set up and hold space for life-transforming experiences.

✨ Energy Alchemy: Liberate yourself by releasing emotional baggage and negativity.

🎶 Harmonious Soundscapes: Learn and experiment with what music to choose for different ceremonies - AND get access to several of my handpicked playlists designed for each chakra

🌿 Ritual Crafting: Create your own ceremonies with tools like sacred smokes, essential oils, altars, herbs, cacao, and more.

🎵 Soulful Expressions: Engage in chanting, drumming, and rattling practice.

🌟 Inner Shamanism: Embrace self-healing by connecting with your inner wise woman and innate healer.

👐 Hands-On Healing: Get familiar with the art of hands-on healing.

💜 Authentic Teaching: Develop your distinct teaching style and technique, embarking on the path of a Breathwork Guide.

🌄 Completion and Integration: Become skilled at concluding sessions and ensuring smooth integration.

Those aspiring to become Certified Ceremonial Breathwork Instructors will have the chance to lead 10 post-training breathwork sessions for friends, family, or their community as well as embark on my level 2 training.

You'll Also Receive:

💖 Spiritual Practices: Cultivate self-love and self-care through meaningful spiritual practices.

📖 Guided Journaling: Embark on guided journaling journeys with daily journal prompts

No experience in breathwork is necessary to join this training.

Enroll Now and Start Your Healing Journey

Discover the magic of breathwork during this training online and reclaim your inner medicine to melt stress, boost energy, heal old traumas, and heal lost pieces of your spirit.


"Ninas ceremonies and trainings are true medicine. She creates such a safe and and sacred space for you to tap out of the monkey mind and in to the body to start your journey towards deep healing and getting to know your own inner healer. I just finished her cermonial breathwork training and it has left me with a great feeling of selfawarness and selflove. The training is filled with so much knowledge about the science of breath and how to create you own practice as well as to guide others through ceremonies, selflove and selfcare routines, meditations and much much more. With Ninas grace, authentic self, great wisdom and knowledge she has created a training with healing modalities from diffrent disciplines wowen together by the raw and powerful lifeforce of transformational breathing. To be in community, ceremony and training with a group of women so brave, vulnerable and honest - guided forward safely and firm but gently - has deeply nourished my soul. Thank you Nina ”- Leonie

Nina Medicina Review

Discover the Magic of Breathwork

Imagine having your very own inner medicine that can melt stress, boost energy, heal old traumas, and reclaim lost pieces of your spirit - all by changing the way you breathe. That's what ceremonial breathwork is all about - a beautiful way to heal and transform.

With breathwork, you're basically unlocking a treasure trove of ancient wisdom that's already inside you. Through conscious breathing, you can release stuck emotions and shake off negativity, all while feeling safe and at peace. And here's the coolest part - it's not just a quick fix. Studies actually show that it can help you manage stress, anxiety, and even depression over the long term. It can also do wonders for things like high blood pressure, sleep quality, and your overall well-being. It's like your own personal path to healing and feeling whole again!


If you're looking for a way to take charge of your own healing journey and bring balance back into your life, Ceremonial Breathwork may be just what you've been looking for. It's a chance to tap into something incredible within yourself and begin a journey of healing and growth- join my tribe of ceremonial breathers and try for yourself.

Benefits of Breathwork

  • Navigate Emotions: Explore and release emotional blockages, fostering inner balance and emotional resilience.

  • Boost Vitality: Enhance your immune system function and overall vitality through improved oxygenation and lymphatic flow.

  • Integrate with Exercise: Elevate your physical performance and recovery by seamlessly integrating breathwork into your exercise routine.

  • Anchor in the Present: Cultivate serenity and focus by anchoring yourself in the present moment with mindful breathing.

  • Promote Inner Healing: Stimulate the body's natural healing processes, promoting holistic well-being and inner harmony.

  • Enhance Mental Clarity: Improve cognitive function and mental clarity through intentional breathwork practices.

  • Reduce Stress: Lower blood pressure, decrease cortisol levels, and enhance immune function with breathwork's physiological benefits.

  • Mindfulness and Presence: Anchor yourself in the present moment, fostering serenity and focus through mindful breathing.

  • And many more: Experience a myriad of additional benefits as you embark on your breathwork journey towards personal and professional growth.

Breathwork Training Online - Additional Information 

Training Schedule


We meet for 4 Tuesdays 18.30-21.30pm Swedish time, starting on August 20st, 2024.

A Typical Class during our Online Breathwork Training

  • Arrival and settling in

  • Short movement practice to get into the body and out of the monkey mind

  • Intention setting and sharing

  • Theory - Breathwork, chakras, the elements, rituals, the nervous system etc.

  • Q & A

  • Breathwork practice

  • Closing circle and sharing

Do you want to become a Breathwork Instructor and guide others towards healing, transformation and empowerment? 


If you are doing this training to gain the confidence and knowledge to teach Breathwork yourself, you will be paired with a Breathwork Partner and you will be able to give and receive Breathwork from other participants in your group.

Sessions are recorded upon request - so if you cannot attend all the sessions live, they are still available for you to watch.


Early Bird (until July 25th): SEK 5,995.00

Regular Price: SEK 6,995.00

*Payment plans available for those in need.

*This training will be taught in English in case there are non-Swedish speakers in our group.

What is the Chakra system?


Imagine having seven vibrant energy centers within you - they're like powerful spinning wheels that affect how you feel physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. These energy centers are called chakras, and they're like the managers of your well-being.​When these chakras are in sync and active, a beautiful energy flows through you.


But sometimes they can get a little out of balance - too much or too little energy - and that can make you feel confused, drained, or even down.Now here's the exciting part: by awakening these chakras with special techniques like sounds, specific breathing, and certain movements, you are basically redirecting your energy in a positive direction. This means more good vibes, inner peace, clarity, high spirits, balance, and a real zest for life- YAY.

FAQs - Breathwork Training Online

General Questions and Answers about Breathwork can be found that the bottom of THIS page.


What is Transformational Breathwork, and how does it work in an online training format?

Transformational Breathwork is a powerful practice that uses conscious, connected breathing to access deep states of healing and self-discovery. In my online training format, I have designed a dynamic and immersive experience that mirrors the in-person training, allowing you to immerse yourself in the breathwork journey from the comfort of your own home.


Learn more on my blog!

Through live virtual sessions, you'll receive theory,  guidance, participate in breathwork sessions, and connect with a supportive community of like-hearted individuals. My carefully curated curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including herbal wisdom, chakra healing, and heart-centered leadership, all integrated with breathwork.

My online training provides a safe and sacred space for transformation where you can explore your inner world, release limitations, and embrace personal growth. Whether you're new to breathwork or looking to deepen your practice, our online training welcomes you to join a supportive global community committed to holistic healing and empowerment.

The virtual format also means you can participate from anywhere in the world, making this transformative journey accessible to all. So if you're ready to embark on a path of healing, self-discovery and empowerment through the magic of breathwork, our online training is here to guide you on this profound and life-changing adventure.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for a diverse range of individuals seeking personal transformation, empowerment, and sacred wisdom. It's perfect for basically anyone who wants to learn more about breathwork, ceremonies, rituals, how to work with the elements, anyone craving a sense of community and sisterhood and want to touch on the subject of herbs and how we can heal with our own breath and the nature around us.

Students I have had from the past includes:

  • Healers, teachers, and space holders looking to elevate their practice with the fusion of breathwork

  • Holistic health explorers searching for deeper answers beyond traditional Western medicine.

  • Seekers on a spiritual journey, hungry for purpose and well-being.

  • Those ready to overcome limiting beliefs and unlock their limitless potential.


I'm new to breathwork, can I do this?

Absolutely! This course is welcoming to beginners. It meets you where you are in your journey and provides a supportive space for you to explore breathwork, herbal wisdom, and more. You don't need prior experience to join; just come with an open heart and a desire for transformation.


I've done breathwork for a while, will this be beneficial for me?

Certainly! Even if you have experience with breathwork, this course offers a unique blend of elements, including herbal wisdom, chakra healing, and community connection. It will enrich your existing practice and provide new insights and techniques to deepen your breathwork journey.


How long are the sessions?

The duration of the sessions are normally 3 hours and you will get the recording and PDFs after each session to practice and study as much as you want during the week until we meet again. This approach ensures that you can engage in the program without feeling overwhelmed by time commitments.


How long do I get access for?

You'll have access to the course content forever. I understand that learning is a personal journey, and I want to provide ample time for you to revisit and immerse yourself in the material as needed.


How do I access the content?

Accessing the course content is simple. We meet on Zoom and the recordings and PDF will be sent out on wetransfer after our meeting. I normally also create a what’s app group where playlists and other info will be shared.

How can I signup on your Ceremonial Breathwork Training online?

To enroll in My Ceremonial breathwork training online click on this link and choose if you wish to pay with card through my website or if you would like to use swish or get an invoice- easy breezy:)


What are the benefits of taking this breathwork training online?

The Online breathwork training offers flexibility, accessibility, and the opportunity to learn from wherever you are in the world. And if you cant join on our live sessions they will be recorded so you can watch them at any time.

Some benefits include personal growth, stress reduction, improved well-being, and the ability to help others through breathwork.


Is your online breathwork training as effective as in-person training?

YES! The feedback I get is amazing and this online format really works for many- But it all depends what you do with all the information you will get. You need the motivation and drive to practice breathwork by yourself and with a partner so if you feel you are more an in person kind of person then I suggest my in person trainings instead. But just know you will get all the knowledge and magic you need even from this online training.


What equipment or software do I need for online breathwork training?

Not much..A stable internet connection, a computer or mobile device with zoom for our live sessions.

It is also suggested you create a safe and quiet sacred space in your home or wherever you are for our gatherings.


Can I get certified as a breathwork facilitator through this online training?

You will need to join my level 2 in person training to get certified but just know you will still be able to practice breathwork for others in your community even after level 1


How long does it take to complete the online breathwork training program?

The duration of online breathwork training programs varies on you. We meet 4 Tuesdays but then there is a lot of readings and practices to be done so take it at your own pace. Some may be completed in a few weeks, while others extend over several months.


Is financial assistance available for your breathwork training programs?

I offer payment plans and I also love trades so if you have anything to offer let me know and we can talk about it. Skills like marketing, video, photography, bodywork etc is all welcome.

When is a good time to start practicing breathwork?

The simple answer: Right now. No need to overthink it or wait for the perfect moment.

Breathwork is a unique experience for everyone, and it can vary each time you practice. So, instead of procrastinating, why not take that first step today? Your breath holds the key to your inner world, and it's ready to reveal its magic whenever you're ready to explore. 

What is the difference between this training and the longer Wild Bloom training?


Here's how the two programs differ:

1. Duration and Depth:

  • The 4-Week Online Ceremonial Breathwork Training provides a focused and intensive journey through the 4 lower chakras, with one week dedicated to each chakra. It offers a taste of breathwork and chakra healing.

  • Wild Bloom School: extends this journey over a more extended period. We delve deep into each chakra, dedicating one month to explore, integrate, and embody the wisdom and energy of that specific chakra. This extended timeline allows for a deeper and more immersive experience.

2. Herbal Wisdom:

  • The 4-Week Online Ceremonial Breathwork Training: While the focus here is primarily on breathwork and chakra healing, we briefly touch upon herbal knowledge.

  • Wild Bloom School: Our school places a strong emphasis on herbal wisdom and herbal medicine-making. Throughout the program, you'll have the opportunity to deepen your connection to nature through learning about herbs and plants, enhancing your holistic healing journey.

3. Guest Teachers and Community:

  • 4-Week Online Ceremonial Breathwork Training: This program is facilitated by Nina Medicina, offering her guidance and expertise.

  • Wild Bloom School: In addition to Nina's teachings, we bring in epic guest teachers who specialize in various fields such as voice activation, womb healing, standing in your worth, and more. You'll also become part of a vibrant and supportive community of like-minded individuals, fostering connections and sisterhood circles that extend beyond the training.

4. Integration and Embodiment:

  • 4-Week Online Ceremonial Breathwork Training: This program provides a foundation for breathwork and chakra healing but may leave you wanting more time for integration.

  • Wild Bloom School: Our longer format allows for a more comprehensive integration process. You'll have the time and space to truly embody the wisdom gained from each chakra, enabling lasting transformation and personal growth.

In essence, while both programs offer valuable experiences, Wild Bloom School is designed for those who seek a more in-depth, immersive, and holistic journey and this shorter course is perfect if you want to try these practices out and maybe you are less interested in the herbal part. 

How to Prepare for a Breathwork Session

Breathwork is a beautiful practice that you can embrace whenever your soul craves that nurturing balance. Preparing for a breathwork session can be easy, but there are a few loving steps to enhance your experience:

  • Create Your Sanctuary: Choose a calm and cozy space where you can escape from the outside world. Ensure it's free from the delightful chaos of children, playful pets, and other distractions. Remember, this is your sacred YOU time, so crafting the perfect atmosphere is essential and put your phone in airplane mode or turn it off.

  • Comfort is Key: Dress in soft, loose-fitting clothes that allows free movement and keeps you cozy. The temperature of your body may shift during breathwork, so keep a gentle, comforting blanket close by for moments when you might get cold.

  • Empty or Light Stomach: Ideally, embrace breathwork with a light or empty stomach. Heavy meals can lead to discomfort, making it challenging to take those deep, transformative breaths. Allow the nourishment of your breath to be your feast aka dont eat anything heavy at least 2 hours prior to an intense breathwork session

  • Stay Hydrated: Hydration is your soul's elixir. Sip on water before your session to support the circular breathing. You wouldn't want to pause your journey because of thirst or dehydration. And you can keep some water or tea next to you and in case your mouth gets very dry in the beginning of the breathwork you can take a sip or two.

  • Open Heart and Mind: As you step into this sacred space, do so with an open heart and a curious spirit. Embrace the experience with kindness and without judgment. If, at first, the rhythm feels elusive, be gentle with yourself. With each practice, your technique will bloom, and I'll be there, guiding and supporting your journey every step of the way                                                                                                              If you have a question that you can't find the answer to, please send me an email.

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