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11-14TH JULY, 2024, 


Welcome to a Magical Journey through the Chakras with Empowerment of Mind, Body and Soul. Are You ready to Live your Dreamlife? If so, you are so welcome to my Ceremonial Chakra Awakening Retreat at Shambala Gatherings about 2 hours from Stockholm


What awaits you in the popular Ceremonial Chakra Awakening Retreat?

This is a gentle and nurturing journey designed to help you release and empower yourself using a variety of healing techniques with the aim to Balance, Unblock, Release and Activate all the Energy centers in your body – to feel more free in your body and mind and clearly learn to manifest what you wish to bring into your life.

What Awaits You:

⤁ Herbal Elixirs: Start your mornings with nourishing herbal elixirs, carefully crafted to balance and revitalize your energy centers while you also learn the basics of herbal medicine making- to empower yourself to make your own medicines and elixirs

⤁ Transformative Practices: Immerse yourself in powerful Ceremonial and Transformational breathwork sessions, and unwind with soothing sound healing meditations.

⤁ Dance, Sing, and Chant: Express your inner self through the joy of dance, song, and chanting- everyone can sing!!

⤁ Shamanic Drum Journey: Let the mesmerizing rhythm of shamanic drums lead you on a profound inner journey.

⤁ Self-Care Rituals: Pamper yourself with self-care rituals like Shamanic Spa treatments, rejuvenating Flower Baths, invigorating herbal sauna sessions, and reflective journaling.

⤁ Daily Ceremonies and Reflection: Engage in daily ceremonies and take precious moments for reflection, whether it’s by the serene lakeside, amidst the forest’s embrace, or in moments of relaxation.

Your journey will not only empower your mind, body, and soul but also introduce you to the art of herbal medicine making. Join us in this holistic exploration of self-discovery and rejuvenation at our Chakra Awakening Retreat.


✺ Those ready to let go of the past and start manifesting dreams.

✺ People seeking relief from the pressures of modern life.

✺ Curious souls interested in Ceremonies, Rituals, and Earth Magic.

✺ Nature lovers and enthusiasts of natural remedies.

✺ Those wanting to harness the power of their breath for healing.

✺ Seekers of joy, meaning, and connection to their soul’s purpose.

✺ Nature enthusiasts longing for a transformative weekend.

✺ Those eager to align with their natural rhythms.

✺ Anyone needing a holistic Body-Mind-Spirit reset.

✺ Individuals looking to trust themselves and their intuition.

✺ Souls in search of inspiration and a life force boost.

✺ Dreamers ready to shed old limitations and shine brightly.

✺ YOU who are ready to create your dream life.



Nina Medicina is a Nordic Medicine Woman, Ceremonialist as well as a Cacao and Breathwork facilitator and teacher. She is the owner and founder of the magical forest sanctuary- The Wild Meadow in south of Sweden, where we will gather for this retreat.

Nina felt a strong calling to work with earth medicine and she left her 18 year long successful career in the fashion industry during the pandemic and she has been working with herbs, plants, Ceremonial Cacao and breathwork full-time since then. She is very passionate about sharing sacred herbs and plants in ceremonies all over the world combined with an offering she calls Ceremonial Breathwork.


⤖ Daily Ceremonies: Enjoy nightly rituals like the Cacao Ceremony, Fire Releasing Ceremony, and Blue Lotus Ceremony.

⤖ Chakra Training: Learn how herbs and practices can balance and activate your seven chakras.

⤖ Nature Connection: Immerse yourself in nature through forest bathing, grounding exercises, lake dips, and peaceful walks.

⤖ Daily Movement: Engage in gentle movements, dance, breathing exercises, sound healing, and meditation.

⤖ Spiritual Self-Care: Explore self-love and self-care practices in a nurturing environment.

⤖ Shamanic Drum Journey: Embark on a soothing journey guided by the rhythm of shamanic drums.

⤖ Kirtan & Chanting: Lift your spirit through heartwarming kirtan and chanting sessions.

⤖ Shamanic Spa: Pamper yourself with herbal baths and natural body scrubs.

⤖ Healthy Nourishment: Savor nourishing and delightful meals.

⤖ Guided Journaling: Reflect and grow through guided journaling.

⤖ Supportive Community: Connect with like-minded souls and potentially make lifelong friends.


The seven energy centers, known as Chakras, profoundly affect your well-being. When they’re out of balance, it can lead to confusion and low energy.

Through our gentle techniques, like Activation Sounds, Breathing Methods, and Movement, we awaken your Chakras. You’ll experience newfound positivity, peace, clarity, high energy, joy, balance, passion, and a zest for life.

Join us this summer for a journey of self-discovery and outer radiance at our Chakra Awakening Retreat. Let your inner light shine brightly.


For questions about the retreat send me an email at

To book, head over to my calendar

Get 500 kr off by using the early bird discount until the 30th of March. Use Code SHAMBALAEARLYBIRD at checkout

↬ Double Room Shared: 6900 kr

↬ Triple Room Shared: 6500 kr

↬ Glamping Tent (single room): 7900 kr

↬ Single room: 7900 kr

↬ Your own Tent or Van: 5700 kr

*Payment plans available for those in need- reach out and lets talk

Questions and answers coming soon

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