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Experience a Transformational Breathwork session in Stockholm


Connect with Loved Ones Through a Breathwork ceremony in Stockholm

Join me when I am in Stockholm for either a group transformational breathwork session or a private one whether it may be with family, friends, or your partner, these sessions offer a sanctuary to breathe, explore, and release. Strengthen your relationships and celebrate life and love in a unique breathwork ceremony that can include Cacao and sound healing upon your request.

Flexible Locations for Breathwork Sessions in Stockholm

Choose from various locations in Stockholm for your breathwork session. Whether in your home, in nature or another venue, each setting enhances your transformative journey.

Tailored Breathwork Sessions in Stockholm

My Breathwork ceremonies range from 90 minutes to 3 hours and these sessions are perfect for individuals and groups in Stockholm seeking transformation. 

Contact me for details about scheduling.

I can teach in Swedish and English

Transform Your Relationships with my Breathwork Ceremonies- now available in Stockholm

Breathwork in Stockholm for All Occasions

My Breathwork sessions in Stockholm are ideal for women's circles, private parties, birthdays, or couples' work. Experience how a breathwork ceremony can reconnect you with your loved ones, bringing clarity, love, and understanding to your relationships.

Group/Couple Breathwork Sessions in Stockholm: What to Expect

A Holistic Breathwork Experience in Stockholm

What is included in a group/ couple transformational breathwork session?

I create a warm and and safe space for your healing process and our session together includes all this medicine:

☽Initial Check 

☽Intention setting

☽Grounding Meditation

☽Guided partner excercises

☽Guided Breathwork

☽Aromatherapy (not included in online session)

☽Hands on healing (not included in online session)

☽Sacred sound relaxation

☽Integration and sharing

Transformational breathwork healing benefits

Ahh too many healing benefits to share but here are some:

☽Stress, anxiety and trauma relief 

☽Soothes the nervous system

☽Boosts energy levels

☽​Cultivates self-love and self-worth

☽​Enhances clarity and concentration

☽​Strengthens the immune system

☽Enhanced creativity

☽Deepens connection to your purpose

Pricing for Breathwork Workshops in Stockholm

My Breathwork Ceremonies in Stockholm ranges from:

  • 2-Hour Breathwork Session including Sound Healing: Starting at 595 kr per person, minimum 5 people.

  • 90-Minute Session: Starting at 495 kr per person, minimum 5 people.

For bookings and inquiries about my breathwork offerings  in Stockholm, please contact me at


”Nina is amazing! I have been joining her breathworks many times and find them very transforming and absolutely best I tried in this genre. Her herbal infusions are also very juicy and vibrant and I totally LOVE her Cacao blends! Yes, you really have to try Nina Medicina! She have my warmest recommendations.”

—  Tove Oddsdotter

Tove Oddsdotter testimonial


I have answered your most commonly asked questions about Breathwork at the bottom of this page so head over there and if you have any other questions about breathwork then please email me at and I will add my reply here if it is a commonly asked question.

What is Partner Breathwork in Stockholm, and Who Can Benefit?

Partner Breathwork in Stockholm is a shared transformative session in which two people - be they romantic partners, family, friends or colleagues - participate together. It's designed to deepen connections, increase understanding, and ease relationship stress or tension. Suitable for anyone in Stockholm who wants to strengthen their bond, Partner Breathwork can foster love, compassion and resolve conflict. I've seen remarkable transformations in these sessions and am passionate about offering this experience to couples in Stockholm.

What's Included in a Group/Couple Transformational Breathwork Session in Stockholm?

My group and couples Transformational Breathwork sessions in Stockholm offer a nurturing and safe space for your journey. They include an initial assessment, intention setting, grounding meditation, guided partner exercises, guided breathwork, aromatherapy, hands-on healing, sacred sound relaxation, and a time for integration and sharing.

How Can Couples Benefit from Breathwork in Stockholm?

My Breathwork ceremonies for couples in Stockholm offers several benefits:

  • Deepened Connection: Experience a heart-centered bond through synchronized breathing and shared experiences.

  • Stress Reduction: Release accumulated stress, creating a calming atmosphere for relaxation and unwinding.

  • Enhanced Communication: Facilitate open and heartfelt communication, improving the expression of thoughts and feelings.

  • Conflict Resolution: Improve understanding and compassion, aiding in the harmonious resolution of conflicts.

What makes your breathwork sessions in Stockholm unique?

My breathwork sessions in Stockholm are characterized by a unique blend of traditional breathwork techniques with sound healing and, upon request, ceremonial Cacao. With several years of experience, I incorporate elements of shamanic healing and singing into each session. This combination not only enhances the breathwork experience, but also resonates deeply with participants on a spiritual level.

I am committed to facilitating a very safe and sacred space, ensuring that each participant feels supported and nurtured throughout their journey. This holistic approach, combining breath, sound and optional cocoa, creates a multi-sensory experience that is both healing and transformative. It's a reflection of my commitment to providing a full and deeply personal healing experience for everyone who attends a session in Stockholm.

Ready to book your Breathwork session?

Reach out to me:

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