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Corporate Team Building Cacao Ceremonies

Are you looking to strengthen your team bonds while adding a touch of uniqueness to your workplace activities such as a kick off? My Corporate Cacao Ceremonies are designed to do just that - create a fun, deep and meaningful experience for your team.

Coming from a 20 year corporate background I know how important team building is and to create a team that acts from their heart space with kindness and compassion and not from stressed out and busy monkey minds acting with stress and irritation.

Believe me- I have been to so many BORING kick off team building days as there is not really that much out there and budgets are often limited so that is why I created this experience for you and your team.

Why Choose Corporate Cacao Ceremony?

These ceremony will help bring your team closer together, fostering a sense of harmony and understanding. They can also boost creativity and productivity, adding a refreshing spark to your work environment.

Benefits your team will enjoy after our Cacao Ceremony

  • Strengthened Team Connections: Cacao ceremonies provide a unique setting and method for team members to come together, fostering enhanced unity and connection.

  • Increased Productivity: Strengthening teamwork often leads to increased productivity as team members work together more effectively.

  • Sharper focus: Cacao's calming influence helps clear the mind, allowing for better concentration and a more focused approach to work.

Customized Experience:

My corporate Cacao ceremony are customized to meet your team's needs and goals. Whether you're looking to spark creativity, foster better teamwork, or provide a fresh perspective, I am happy to tailor the experience accordingly.

What will happen in the Cacao ceremony?

I create a warm and and safe space for your healing process and our session together includes:

☽Introduction to ceremonial cacao and breathwork

☽A heart opening and nourishing cup of ceremonial cacao 

☽Intention setting

☽Grounding Meditation 

☽A short embodied movement session 

☽Guided Transformational Breathwork

☽Sharing circle and Integrations

How does a Corporate Cacao Ceremony work?

Consultation: I will work with you and your team to understand your goals and ensure that the ceremony meets your specific wishes.

Ceremony Day: During the ceremony, team members come together to share the cacao experience, guided by intention and mindfulness.

Optional Activities: If desired, we can incorporate team activities, reflections, or discussions to enhance the team-building aspect.

Integration: Following the ceremony, I will ensure that the insights gained and connections made are seamlessly integrated into team interactions.

Increase Team Dynamics

Experience the unique benefits of a cacao ceremony in a corporate setting. Unlock hidden potential, deepen connections, and inspire creativity in your team. Contact me today to explore how our corporate cacao ceremonies can invigorate your team dynamics and contribute to a more vibrant and collaborative workplace.

How long is a Cacao Ceremony?

A Cacao Ceremony is normally around 2-3 hours. This time allows for the full integration of the cacao's effects and provides space for deep inner work, reflection, and sharings. If you want the ceremony to be shorter we can work around it and remove some of the practices but at least 2 hours is recommended.


Pricing and bookings:​

☽Varies depending on the size of your group and your preferred location so reach out to me for a qoute.

Contact me easiest on my email:

You can read more about breathwork, benefits and reviews on the BREATHWORK page and read everything you need to know about CEREMONIAL CACAO.

Other ways to experience Cacao with me outside of your work environment:

Join any of my group Cacao Ceremonies

Join my next Ceremonial Cacao Online Training

Book a private training with me in Skåne (can be mixed with breathwork and herbalism)

Your most commonly asked Questions are answered here

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