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Unlock Your Potential with a  Transformational Breathwork in the comfort of your own home.

*This 90 min- 2 hour breathwork session is available in both Swedish and English 

Check out my calendar for upcoming ONLINE group transformational breathwork sessions- normally held on Monday evenings kl 20.00 swedish time.


If you rather want a private session you can read more and book them here

Transformational breathwork healing benefits

Ahh too many to share but here are some:

☽Stress, anxiety and trauma relief 

☽Soothes the nervous system

☽Boosts energy levels

☽​Cultivates self-love and self-worth

☽​Enhances clarity and concentration

☽​Strengthens the immune system

☽Enhanced creativity

☽Deepens connection to your purpose

Is Breathwork online as potent as in person i get asked a lot and here is my reply to that:

Absolutely, breathwork is just as powerful and transformative online as it is in person. The power of the breath knows no physical boundaries. Whether we're together in the same room or connected virtually, the breath can take us on deep journeys within ourselves. Intention, guidance, and your own commitment create a powerful space for healing and growth, no matter where you are. So rest assured, the online breathwork experience is truly profound and effective and a great option for those of you who can not join any of my live ceremonies

Prices for a online session

 90 min Online group session- Rates starting at 250 sek kr per person. 50% off if it is your first time. You book in my calendar for the date you wish to book

☽ 90 min Private online Session- see rates and book here

Contact me easiest on my email:


I have answered your most commonly asked questions at the bottom of this page so head over there and if you have any other questions about breathwork then please email me at and I will add my reply here if it is a commonly asked question.

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