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Unlock Your Potential with a Group Transformational Breathwork Experience

Share this breathwork practice with your loved ones: Whether it's family, friends, your partner- come together for a private group session with me. This is a safe haven to breathe, explore, and release obstacles that no longer serve you. Experience liberation, strengthen your relationships, focus on what really matters, and celebrate life and love.

Sessions can be held in the comfort of your home, in nature, at my location The Wild Meadow in Skåne, or at a venue of your choice.


Feel free to contact me for inquiries, pricing, and to schedule your session.

*This 90 min- 2 hour breathwork session is available in both Swedish and English 

Explore for yourself how Breathwork Can Help You Transform Your relationships and your Life

I have great experience with breathwork sessions for birthdays, women's circles, private parties as well as couples work.

Whether it's with a partner, family member, or friend, sharing a breathwork experience can deeply reconnect you on a heart-centered level and take your relationship to new heights of clarity, love, and understanding. It's an opportunity to deepen a strong connection and provide a dedicated space for both of you to release the stresses of everyday life. For relationships facing challenges, it can serve as a catalyst to restore harmony and open new ways of connecting, caring, and communicating.

The breath creates a space for vulnerability and the release of emotional barriers, tensions, or misunderstandings. It guides us to differentiate between words, reactions, and self-beliefs that may overshadow our true desires for the relationship. The breath takes us from the mind to the body and the heart.

What is included in a group/ couple transformational breathwork session?

I create a warm and and safe space for your healing process and our session together includes all this medicine:

☽Initial Check 

☽Intention setting

☽Grounding Meditation

☽Guided partner excercises

☽Guided Breathwork

☽Aromatherapy (not included in online session)

☽Hands on healing (not included in online session)

☽Sacred sound relaxation

☽Integration and sharing

Transformational breathwork healing benefits

Ahh too many healing benefits to share but here are some:

☽Stress, anxiety and trauma relief 

☽Soothes the nervous system

☽Boosts energy levels

☽​Cultivates self-love and self-worth

☽​Enhances clarity and concentration

☽​Strengthens the immune system

☽Enhanced creativity

☽Deepens connection to your purpose

Transformational Breathwork has an incredible effect on relationships. It's like a journey for two souls, whether it's with your partner, family member, friend, or even a co-worker. Through shared breathwork sessions, you create a sacred space where you can connect on a deeper level. It's an opportunity to release any emotional baggage, stress or tension that may be affecting the relationship. As you breathe together, you open channels of understanding, compassion and love. It's a chance to really listen and be heard, to let go of the usual roles and masks and just be present with each other. The breathwork experience can dissolve barriers, create a sense of oneness, and allow both individuals to see each other with fresh eyes. It's a beautiful way to nurture and strengthen the bonds you share, bringing more harmony, connection and growth to your relationships.

Prices for a group and couple transformational breathwork workshop

☽ 2 hour Session, In Person OR Online- Rates starting at 500 kr per person/ min 5 people or a min of 2500 sek (2 hours needed if it is your first time)

☽ 90 min Session, In Person OR Online- Rates starting at 400 kr per person/ min 5 people or a min of 2000 sek

Contact me easiest on my email:


”Nina is amazing! I have been joining her breathworks many times and find them very transforming and absolutely best I tried in this genre. Her herbal infusions are also very juicy and vibrant and I totally LOVE her Cacao blends! Yes, you really have to try Nina Medicina! She have my warmest recommendations.”

—  Tove Oddsdotter

Nina Medicina Review


I have answered your most commonly asked questions about Breathwork at the bottom of this page so head over there and if you have any other questions about breathwork then please email me at and I will add my reply here if it is a commonly asked question.

What is Partner Breathwork and who can benefit from it?

Partner Breathwork is a transformative experience in which two people, whether they are romantic partners, family members, friends, or even co-workers, come together to share a breathwork session. It's an opportunity to deepen your connection, promote understanding, and release stress or tension that may be affecting the relationship. Partner Breathwork is appropriate for anyone who wants to improve their relationship, whether by fostering love and compassion, or by addressing challenges and conflict- I have witnessed so much magic in these sessions and I am really passionate about hosting Breathwork for couples.

What is included in a Group/Couple Transformational Breathwork session?

My Group and Couples Transformational Breathwork sessions are designed to create a safe and healing space for your journey. They include: Initial assessment, Intention Setting, Grounding meditation, Guided partner exercises, Guided breathwork, Aromatherapy (not available for online sessions), Hands-On Healing (not included in online sessions), Sacred Sound Relaxation, Integration and Sharing

How Can Transformational Breathwork for Couples benefit Relationships?

Breathwork for couples is a powerful tool for enhancing relationships in several ways and here is a few:

  • Deepened Connection: Through synchronized breathing and shared experiences, couples establish a profound connection on a heart-centered level. This connection fosters emotional intimacy and strengthens the bond between partners.

  • Stress Reduction: Breathwork sessions help release built-up tension and stress, which can accumulate in relationships over time. As partners breathe together, they create a calming and safe environment that allows them to let go of daily worries and relax.

  • Enhanced Communication: Breathwork promotes open and honest communication. Couples learn to express themselves from their heart space, making it easier to share their thoughts, feelings, and desires with authenticity and vulnerability.

  • Conflict Resolution: Couples who practice breathwork together often find it easier to navigate conflicts. The practice helps individuals become more present, compassionate, and understanding, which can lead to more harmonious resolutions.

How Does Breathwork Improve the Intimacy and Sex Life in a Relationship?

Breathwork can significantly enhance intimacy and the quality of a couple's sex life and heres how:

  • Heightened Sensation: Breathwork increases body awareness, making partners more attuned to their own sensations and those of their partner. This heightened sensitivity can lead to a deeper physical connection and more fulfilling sexual experiences.

  • Emotional Release: Through breathwork, couples can release emotional blockages and past traumas that may be inhibiting their intimacy. This emotional release can create space for more intimacy and vulnerability.

  • Relaxation and Trust: Breathwork sessions promote relaxation and trust between partners. When individuals feel safe and relaxed with each other, it can lead to greater emotional and physical intimacy.

  • Improved Communication: As mentioned earlier, breathwork enhances communication skills. This extends to the bedroom, where partners can more effectively communicate their needs, desires, and boundaries, leading to a more satisfying and mutually fulfilling sex life.

  • Connection to Heart Space: Breathwork helps couples connect to their heart space, where deep emotional and loving experiences reside. This heart-centered connection can intensify the emotional and physical connection between partners.

Ready to book your Breathwork session?

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