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For 17 years, I worked in the fast fashion industry as a buyer, collection manager, and innovation team leader. It was an exciting journey that took me to amazing places around the world. But it also left me feeling exhausted and searching for something deeper. I realized that I needed to shift from constantly "doing" and become more of a "human being," the kind I truly wanted to be. I wanted to rediscover my real self, love, and sense of worth that often got lost in the quest for success.

As I started this transformation, I found a sense of calm in my nervous system and adrenals. It allowed me to make choices from my heart rather than my stressed-out, overthinking monkey mind. It felt AMAZING!

From 2016 to 2020, I called Los Angeles home and had the privilege of studying diverse healing modalities with renowned teachers. My journey took me through various healing paths:

  • 🌿 I became a HERBALIST and GREEN WITCH through The Gaia School of Healing and School of The Sacred Wild.

  • 🌱 I studied the Herbal Medicine program for women with the incredible herbalist, midwife, and MD, Dr. Aviva Romm.

  • 🍃 I achieved certification as a HOLISTIC HEALTH COACH from IIN.

  • 🧘 I deepened my connection with women's embodiment as a 200 YTT AMBA WOMAN'S EMBODIMENT TEACHER.

  • 🌬️ I studied BREATHWORK with David Elliott.

  • 🎵 I earned a 100 hr certification as a SOUND CEREMONIALIST from Sound Ceremony Academy.

  • 🎤 I I am trained in the mystery of sound healing at Sounds of light residential mystery school.

  • 🌿 I unveiled the magic of HERBAL ALCHEMY, crafting my own elixirs and embracing the healing potential of plants.

  • 🌳 I became a certified Emotional release practitioner with the Nasomo technique and trained in the trauma and tension release technique TRE.


On top of that I have gone to retreats and festivals all over the world, sat in ceremonies with plant medicine teachers, shamans and healers and spent a winter living at a permaculture farm in Costa Rica. What I keep learning is that nature really is the best medicine. Nature has cycles, she is not always blooming, she takes time for deep rest. Nature does not apologize for being wild and free and for taking up too much space. Nature provides us with basically everything we need and teaches us how to tap into the nature and cycles within us, and that inspires me tremendously. To unlearn everything I know and relearn what I already know and feel deep inside. ​

So, I took a break from the fashion world, sold my apartment in the trendiest part of Stockholm, and found my paradise deep in the Swedish wilderness and created The Wild Meadow- A place for transformation, deep rest, recharging, rewilding, and relearning.

So WOW, what a wild ride life has been and still is. I started to study holistic health because I wanted to heal myself from my chronic stress as well as some very common woman's health issues I suffered from like hormonal problems, PMS, chronic UTI's and herpes as well as a chronic neck pain the doctors told me was incurable. My mom and grandmother also both survived breast cancer and I wanted to do everything in my power to not be next in line. And now with some amazing tools under my belt I decided to follow my heart and work with guiding other women back to optimal health - taking both mind, body and spirit into consideration as they are all equally important. Just like nature we are diverse, have different needs and we are magical in our own unique ways.​

Our bodies are very wise and they know what is best for us. If you slow down and listen, you can hear that it is constantly sending out signals and communicating with you. It took me 32 years before my first crash came and I got forced to listen to what she had to say. Since then I had to start making some radical changes to my life. Now I am 41 years of age and have never felt more happy, radiant, glowing and alive. I hope that my journey can inspire and empower you to start living your best life ever!

If you want more of me you can check out my blog and The Way We Play and you will also find me on Instagram @ninamedicina and @wildcacaocollective

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