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What is Transformational Breathwork and why is it the perfect addition to your upcoming team building event?

Transformational Breathwork is a powerful method that combines ancient breathing techniques, modern neuroscience and curated music depending on your intention. It offers a unique and profound experience that fosters deep connection and growth with the team.

By engaging in Transformational Breathwork, your team will be guided to stimulate alpha and theta brain waves, unlocking non-ordinary states of consciousness and reach deep relaxation..

Unlike the high-stress response triggered by constant thoughts of work-related pressures, this technique induces a temporary state known as the flow state. This state quiets the monkey mind, the inner critic and taps into our innate intuitive and creative capacities.

After a Transformational Breathwork session, participants often report reduced mental and physical tension, replaced by feelings of openness, connection, and a renewed trust in life. Valuable insights and solutions to personal or business challenges can emerge and be shared.

Benefits of Booking a Corporate Teambuilding Breathwork Session 

☽Improved team building: Experience a deeper sense of unity and understanding among team members, fostering better collaboration and communication.

☽Stress Relief: Reduce stress and tension, promoting a more relaxed and focused team environment.

☽Increased Energy: Boost team morale and energy levels, resulting in increased productivity and creativity 

☽Emotional Resilience: Equip your team with tools to manage emotions, promoting emotional well-being and resilience and reduce irritability.

☽Improved Focus: Breathwork improves mental clarity and focus, leading to more effective decision making and problem solving.

☽Positive Work Environment: Foster a positive and uplifting atmosphere within your team, leading to increased job satisfaction.

☽Enhanced Creativity: Unleash the creative potential of your team by tapping into their inner resources through breathwork.

☽Personal Growth: Provide an opportunity for personal growth and self-awareness that benefits both individual team members and the team as a whole.

Book a corporate teambuilding breathwork session with me and experience these powerful benefits for your team's well-being and success.

Through lowered stress levels and enhanced positive emotions, engaging in this kind of transformational breathwork can lead to many magical effects on you and your team members health, including:

  • Lowered stress hormone levels

  • Enhanced immune system functions

  • Potential reduction in chronic pain

  • Decreased inflammation – a key factor in numerous chronic conditions

  • Participants experience increased energy and improved sleep quality

*This 90 min breathwork session is available in both Swedish and English 

Prices for a corporate team building breathwork session varies depending on size of your team and where you are located so please reach out for inquiries.

Contact me easiest on my email:


I have answered your most commonly asked questions at the bottom of this page so head over there and if you have any other questions about breathwork then please email me at and I will add my reply here if it is a commonly asked question.

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