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Breathwork training Guatemala



29th March - 5th April, 2025 

Become a certified Ceremonial Breathwork spaceholder and retreat yourself at the same time while experiencing the Magic of Lake Atitlan


Join my week-long Ceremonial Breathwork Training in Guatemala

🌸 Welcome to a Life-Changing Journey through the Elements in One of the World's Most Magical Destinations! I'm thrilled to invite you to this extraordinary retreat that combines the power of breathwork, ceremonies, rituals, and plant magic, all in the midst of breathtaking landscapes.

🌟Who is the Breathwork Certification for?

- Are you ready to leave behind stress, tension, fears, and anxiety?

- Do you believe there's more to life than the endless rat race?

- Are you seeking a deeper sense of purpose and intuition?

- Is your heart whispering to you to take the next step, to trust your intuition, and to embrace your whole-body F**K YES?

- Are you maybe already working as a wellness professional, coach or therapist and want to take your work to the next level?

-Do you feel the calling to dive deeper into the world of ceremony, ritual, cacao and other herbal and plant medicines to guide you on your journey?

- Do you feel called to go to the land of eternal spring- Guatemala?

If any of this resonates with you, this training and retreat is a perfect fit for you!













Why Do a Breathwork Training?

🌬️ When you learn to use breathwork for your own healing, you'll also gain the confidence to support others on their healing journeys. You can make a positive impact on people's lives, do work that fills you with joy, and achieve financial success. Are you ready to follow your soul's calling and make a meaningful contribution to the world? I believe you are!


🌍 The popularity of breathwork is skyrocketing, with a 400% yearly increase. By joining my community of breathwork facilitators now, you can ride this rising wave. The world needs healers like you to shine their light during these challenging times.

Highlights of this Ceremonial Breathwork Training in Guatemala:

🌬️ Level 1 and 2 of my Ceremonial Breathwork Curriculum- Embark on a profound exploration of breathwork, learning the art of healing through the breath. Whether you're a healing practitioner or seeking personal wellness, this training equips you with invaluable tools to guide yourself and others towards vitality and healing.
🌿 Daily Ceremonies with some of this worlds most Inspiring Teachers- Engage in daily ceremonies led by me and my revered mentors, teachers and friends. Experience the deep resonance of cacao and fire ceremonies, mystical healing plant rituals including Cacao and Blue Lotus, and the ancient tradition of Temazcal, all designed to ignite your spiritual connection.
🏞️ Exclusive Accommodations at the Seed Habitat- Indulge in the luxury of the Seed Habitat, offering exclusive accommodations with a plunge pool and panoramic views of majestic volcanoes. Immerse yourself in the tranquility and beauty of this sacred space.
🍽️ Culinary Delights- Savor the delights of three daily gourmet meals, thoughtfully prepared using locally sourced ingredients. Nourish your body as you nourish your soul.
🕺 Movement, Dance, and Healing Practices- Experience the rhythm of daily movement, ecstatic dance, and breathwork sessions that facilitate emotional release and trauma healing. Embrace the transformative power of your body's innate wisdom.
🌱 Herbal Wisdom and Medicine Making- Unlock the secrets of herbal healing through enlightening lectures and hands-on medicine making classes. Deepen your connection to nature's remedies.
🍫 Day Trip to the Enchanting Cacao Forest- Embark on a journey to my cherished cacao forest, a place of natural wonder that resonates with the magic of the earth.
🎶 Sound Healing and Sacred Song Circles- Participate in sound healing, enchanting song circles, voice activations, and soul-stirring Kirtan sessions. Connect with the healing resonance of sound.


Breathe, Heal, Transform: About the Ceremonial Breathwork Training Level 1 and 2

This breathwork training in Guatemala is a gateway to mastering breathwork as a therapeutic practice. Whether you're new to breathwork or a seasoned practitioner you will find everything you need in this training to host breathwork for yourself and bigger groups.

This exciting curriculum offers:

🌀 In-depth Understanding of Breathwork: Delve into the science behind breathwork and gain insights into the nervous system. Learn about energy centers (chakras) and techniques to balance them.
🌬️ Breathwork Techniques: Explore the simplicity of the 3-part breath technique, along with other calming patterns that can be used in ceremonies. Discover the potential of breathwork for healing, relaxation, and empowerment.
🌟 Integrative Learning for Healing Practitioners: this training enhances your offerings by integrating breath as medicine. Explore the chakra energy system and learn to diagnose and release blockages.
🌍 Elemental Wisdom: Connect with the elements and harness their healing wisdom. Create sacred spaces, release energy blockages, and invite allies for profound healing.
Authentic Ceremony Creation: Learn to craft your own rituals with tools like sacred smokes, essential oils, herbs, and cacao. Develop a unique ceremony that resonates with your essence.
🎵 Music Mastery: Discover the art of selecting music for different ceremonies, and gain access to curated playlists for each chakra.
🎤 Voice Activation: Amplify your confidence in sharing your authentic voice through voice activation exercises.
🌿 Herbal Alchemy: Unveil the magic of herbal medicine making. Craft your own elixirs and embrace the healing potential of plants.
💚 Empowerment and Integration: Step into your power, recognize your worth, and learn how to charge for your transformative work.
Your journey with me and my team extends beyond breathwork. Experience ancestral plant healing, Temazcal womb ceremonies, traditional cacao ceremonies, and more. Dive into nature immersions, daily movement practices, and spiritual self-care.
Your transformation begins here. Discover the profound connection between breath, ritual, and magic. Elevate your practice, empower your presence, and awaken the healer that we both know lives within you- otherwise you would not have read this far :

Breathwork Training Guatemala


"This training is beyond learning about the breath and how to hold a safe and sacred space. Not only do I feel like a different person at the end of this training- more liberated, expressed, free and supported- but I also feel like I’ve learnt so much about how to alchemize, transform and heal through nature, singing and our breath. I can't recommend this enough! Nina is the most beautiful teacher and spaceholder and I can't imagine a safer space. This was one of the most transformational trainings I’ve been to and it reminded and taught me so much about love, life and nature

—  Malvina

Testimonial Nina Medicina

Discover the Magic of Your Breath

Transformational Breathwork has incredible healing potential. By adjusting the way we breathe, we can relieve stress, find new energy, heal from past hurts, and reclaim parts of ourselves that we may have lost. This particular type of breathwork allows us to enter a different state of mind and tap into timeless wisdom. It also helps us release emotions we've been holding onto and let go of things we don't need.
This way of breathing is safe and has been shown to help with stress, anxiety and depression. It can even improve things like high blood pressure and help us sleep better. If you're ready to take charge of your own healing journey and bring more wholeness into your life, Ceremonial Breathwork may be just what you need.

Learn more about the incredible benefits of breathwork on my blog!

Benefits of Breathwork

  • Navigate Emotions: Explore and release emotional blockages, fostering inner balance and emotional resilience.

  • Boost Vitality: Enhance your immune system function and overall vitality through improved oxygenation and lymphatic flow.

  • Integrate with Exercise: Elevate your physical performance and recovery by seamlessly integrating breathwork into your exercise routine.

  • Anchor in the Present: Cultivate serenity and focus by anchoring yourself in the present moment with mindful breathing.

  • Promote Inner Healing: Stimulate the body's natural healing processes, promoting holistic well-being and inner harmony.

  • Enhance Mental Clarity: Improve cognitive function and mental clarity through intentional breathwork practices.

  • Reduce Stress: Lower blood pressure, decrease cortisol levels, and enhance immune function with breathwork's physiological benefits.

  • Mindfulness and Presence: Anchor yourself in the present moment, fostering serenity and focus through mindful breathing.

  • And many more: Experience a myriad of additional benefits as you embark on your breathwork journey towards personal and professional growth.

More About This Magical Breathwork Training in Guatemala

Understanding the Chakras

Imagine that your body has seven special energy centers. These are like switches that affect how you feel physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Sometimes these switches get out of balance-they can be stuck, too active, or not active enough. This can make us feel confused, sad, or like something isn't quite right.
But there's good news. We can balance these energy centers using special techniques, such as making certain sounds, practicing different ways of breathing, and doing certain movements. When we do this, it's like turning on a positive flow of energy. This can bring us good feelings, clarity, and enthusiasm for life.
There is no need to know anything about breathwork to participate in this training. Everyone is welcome!

*This training is taught in English.

About the Location

Lake Atitlán, Guatemala. ‘The land of eternal spring’: beautiful, temperate weather, a spectacular setting, rich indigenous culture and a readymade conscious community. 

Villa Sumaya is  a magical venue overlooking breathtaking Lake Atitlán featuring a restaurant, a boutique shop, our welcoming courtyard, a hot tub and a sauna, as well as four healing huts where we offer a wide variety of spa services. In Sanskrit, Sumaya means a long-awaited dream come true, while in Arabic it translates as a little piece of paradise. Both of these definitions mirror our hearts’ intentions and inspire the service of Villa Sumaya - your home during this training. 

Their neighbouring village, San Marcos, is renowned for its alternative community and spiritual classes, courses and events, plus an abundance of healers and practitioners, from massage to acupuncture, an esteemed Waldorf school and a second pioneering educational project. Around the lake, you’ll also find activities such kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding and swimming, and an ease of access through boat travel, tuk-tuks and hiking trails.


How to get here
Arrival Info Arriving to Villa Sumaya: I advise arriving in Guatemala AT LEAST 1 day prior to the start of the event but preferably a few days before to settle into the time difference in case you are travelling from a far. 

Aurora International Airport (GUA) is located in Guatemala City. From there, you’ll take a beautiful 3-hour drive to Panajachel, a 30-minute boat ride across Lake Atitlan to the Villa Sumaya dock (ask the boat driver to drop you off at the Villa Sumaya dock). Transportation is not included in the training cost. 

A private shuttle from the airport to Panajachel is $100-120 for 1-3 people ($35 per person if there are 4 or more) and a private boat is $30 for 1-4 people ($6 per person if there are 5 or more). In case you take the public boat it is about 3-4 usd but not recommended in case this is your first time at the lake. NO stress- we will help arrange so people arriving on the same day can travel together.

If you are landing late at night I would highly recommend to stay 1 night in Antigua (1 hour from the airport and on the way Lake Atitlán). I can help send recommendations of beautiful and safe accommodations in this town that is one of my favorite towns in the world- the shopping is just AMAZING.

Departure info
We will end around noon on April 8th so you can either look for accommodation around San Marcos if you wish to stay at the lake or we can help arrange driver to Antigua or the airport.
Contact me easiest on my email to learn more OR book your spot on the button below.

Cannot come to Guatemala?

Don't worry, you can do this training from the comfort of your own home now with a Breathwork Training Online with Wild Bloom Academy of Breath and Herbs

Discover Your Home - Villa Sumaya, Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

Your Questions Answered

You can read commonly asked general questions about breathwork at the bottom of this page and feel free to email me to ask any additional questions or concerns you may have about this training.


I have no previous experience with breathwork - can I still take the training?

Absolutely, YES! Everyone is welcome and we start with the basics. Your level of experience doesn't matter, just come with an open heart and a willingness to learn.

Where will the Breathwork training take place?

We'll be based at Villa Sumaya, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. To get there, you'll fly into the Guatemala airport and we'll help arrange a driver for you to Panajachel, which is about a 2 hour drive and from there a short boat ride. If you arrive late, I recommend spending a night in Antigua, one of my favorite places in the world. If you need help finding an Airbnb or hotel, please feel free to contact me.

What is Transformational Breathwork?

Transformational Breathwork is a powerful practice that combines a specific circular (open-mouth) breathing technique with mindfulness and clear intention. Its goal is to spark deep healing, release emotional blockages, and expand your consciousness. I highly recommend attending one of my group sessions in person or online, or booking a private session with me if you're new to breathwork, so you can experience firsthand what you're signing up for. It is truly life changing!

How is Transformational Breathwork different from other breathing techniques?

Transformational Breathwork is characterized by a continuous, connected, circular, open-mouthed breathing pattern. This technique is designed for deep emotional release, healing and expansion of consciousness. It emphasizes diaphragmatic breathing and intentional use of the breath, creating a powerful experience that allows you to explore repressed emotions, energetic shifts, and profound transformation. It is intense and very ery powerful!

What are the benefits of practicing Transformational Breathwork?

The benefits are many! Breathwork is a powerful stress and anxiety reducer that guides your body into deep relaxation. It increases self-awareness, expands consciousness, sharpens mental clarity, and promotes emotional well-being. Physically, it increases oxygenation, aids in detoxification, and improves circulation. It releases tension, improves circulation, and boosts the immune system. It's also a remarkable tool for releasing limiting beliefs and thought patterns that no longer serve you. It paves the way for personal growth, empowerment and transformation.

How does Transformational Breathwork work on the mind and body?

Transformational Breathwork is your VIP ticket to deep relaxation, like hitting the reset button on your body. It increases oxygenation in your cells and invites a sense of calm thanks to the parasympathetic nervous system. Mental clarity gets a boost, physical tension is released, and emotional baggage finds its way out. It's like a soothing balm for body and mind, leaving you feeling lighter and more balanced.

Can Transformational Breathwork help with stress and anxiety?

Absolutely, YES! Breathwork has been a reliable companion on my journey to reduce stress and anxiety. It's all about the power of intentional, deep breathing-like lighting a calm candle within. It calms your nervous system, releases tension, and harmonizes emotions. After each session, you'll be enveloped in peace, like finding stillness after a cleansing rain.

What are the possible risks or effects of Transformational Breathwork?

In general, Transformational Breathwork is safe. However, it's important to begin with a skilled facilitator who can guide the process- like myself or any of my trained facilitators. Some may experience physical sensations, emotional release, or dizziness. It's important to listen to your body and share any concerns with your facilitator. You control the depth and speed of your experience- you are your own medicine wo/man.

Curious to learn more about Transformational Breathwork? Read more on my blog!

Can Transformational Breathwork be combined with other healing modalities?

Absolutely! Breathwork complements many therapeutic modalities, such as Cacao infused sessions, sound healing, yoga, meditation, reiki, or bodywork- The moon is not even the limit.

Will I be able to teach Breathwork after this training?

Yes, this in-depth training will equip you to practice Breathwork one-on-one and lead groups through transformations. You'll gain skills in ritual, sacred space, and group facilitation.

Are there any scientific studies that support the effectiveness of Transformational Breathwork?

While specific research on this breathwork technique is limited, the power of personal experience and heartfelt testimony speaks volumes. The growing body of evidence on conscious breathing underscores its holistic path to wellness and healing. Just try it for yourself and you will feel:)

Is Transformational Breathwork for everyone, or are there any considerations?

Transformational Breathwork is generally safe for most people. However, if you are pregnant I would say it is a NO but I am happy to give you options of other breathing techniques and if you have a medical condition, it's wise to consult with your health care provider. Open communication about any concerns or conditions will ensure a safe and individualized experience. If you have asthma, it is a good idea to have an inhaler nearby. If you're dealing with PTSD, consider a 1:1 session with me or another experienced trauma healer before this training.

Can Transformational Breathwork help with physical problems or chronic pain?

Absolutely, YES! It promotes physical wellness by releasing tension, improving oxygen flow, and awakening your body's self-healing abilities. Breathwork does wonders for pain or discomfort and it is my to go to before any pain reliving pill or herb.

What food will we eat during the training?

The Seed will provide three nourishing healthy vegetarian meals a day, and you're encouraged to bring your own snacks as needed.

What Accommodation options are available for this breathwork training in Guatemala?

Shared accommodations are available at this beautiful retreat. If you prefer a private room, it's available for an additional fee, but please note that space is limited.

Is there financial assistance available for your breathwork training?

Payment plans are available and I'm open to trading opportunities. If you have skills to offer, such as marketing, video, photography, bodywork, and more, feel free to discuss options with me.

Is Guatemala safe?

Guatemala is a beautiful country and we'll be in a safe and nurturing environment during the training.

It is of my highest priority to ensure your journey to Guatemala is both magical and safe. Having spent a lot of time here during these past years, I can offer some practical advice to keep you healthy and secure while you soak in the beauty of this incredible country.

  1. Airport Pick-Up: Consider arranging a trusted driver from the airport to your destination. I'd be more than happy to assist you with this if you'd like. It's a reliable way to start your trip stress-free.

  2. Avoid Walking Alone at Night: As a general rule, it's best not to walk alone after dark in areas where there are few people around. If you're heading home after sunset, opt for a tuk-tuk or taxi for a safe journey.

  3. Water Safety: The tap water in Guatemala may not be safe to drink. Stick to bottled or filtered water to stay hydrated and avoid any unexpected belly troubles.

  4. Be Discreet: It's wise not to flaunt expensive jewelry, phones, or cameras while you're out and about. Being street-smart and low-key can decrease unwanted attention.

  5. Respect the Culture: Embrace the indigenous culture with respect. Dress modestly and avoid overly sexy attire, especially in rural areas or when visiting sacred sites.

  6. Travel Together: We'll mainly be traveling together as a group, and our activities will be centered around our beautiful retreat center. Safe transportation will be arranged for your convenience, so you won't need to worry about getting around.

While it's true that some isolated incidents of theft can occur, especially on secluded hiking trails or late at night, practicing these precautions significantly reduces the chances of any inconvenience. 

Who will be the guest teachers?

The guest teachers have not yet been confirmed, but I assure you they will be amazing. We'll experience a Temazcal womb healing ceremony, embodied movement, a cacao ceremony on a cacao farm, and much more.

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