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Nina Medicina
Modern day Medicine Woman 
Breathwork Healing, Ceremonies & Spiritual Retreats, Ceremonial Cacao, Herbal & Plant Medicine guide 

Do you feel the calling to explore the world of breathwork healing and what it can do for you? Are you interested in joining a healing retreat or do you want to explore the world of Cacao and other herbal & plant medicines? Then you have come to the right place.


Welcome to my world- I am Nina Medicina, and I'm so glad you've found your way here.


As a Modern-Day Medicine Woman, Ceremonial Spaceholder, Herbalist, Cacao Guide, and Breathwork Teacher, I'm deeply immersed in practices like Breathwork Healing, Ceremonial Cacao, Herbal and Plant Medicines as well as Sound Healing and voice activations. I'm also the heart behind The Wild Meadow, a serene sanctuary for transformation and healing nestled in the peaceful forest in southern Sweden. Additionally, I've birthed the Wild Bloom Academy of Breath and Herbs and co-created Wild Cacao Collective that brings the highest quality Ceremonial Cacao to Sweden from Guatemala and Colombia.


Whether destiny or pure curiosity brought you here, I extend a warm welcome.

In my online space, you'll discover a vibrant canvas that showcases my life's work and the offerings that have blossomed from my heart. My guiding mission is to lead you back to their your heart's wisdom, weaving threads of transformational breathwork healing, somatic practices, herbal medicine, Ceremonial Cacao, and voice activations into a beautiful tapestry.


My deepest passion is helping you rediscover your inner self, unburdened by the expectations of society, and reconnect with your own innate wisdom and power. Cause, YOU my dear friend, already have everything you need in your body, to feel the way you want to feel- sometimes we just need help to remember.


Take your time to explore the treasures of my trainings, retreats, ceremonies, and podcasts. Should you ever need guidance, know that I'm just an email away, ready to support your journey of self-discovery and transformation.

On Instagram you will find me @ninamedicina

With so much love,

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Nina Medicina teaching Breathwork



Welcome to my world of breathwork. Whether you're seeking online or in-person courses and certification trainings, personalized 1:1 breathwork coaching, or the upcoming immersive experience at the Wild Bloom Academy of Breath and Herbs, I'm here to guide you on your breathwork healing journey. Explore the power of your breath and embark on a path of self-discovery, empowerment, and profound healing with me. 

Cacao Ceremony Nina Medicina


Experience my popular Cacao, Breathwork & Sound Journeys—a perfect blend of ceremonial cacao, transformational breathwork, and soul-soothing sound healing and heart songs. Dive into the magic of cacao, harness breathwork's healing power, and embrace heart-centered sound journeys for deep healing and connection.

Ceremonial Cacao Guatemala


Discover the world of ceremonial cacao—a sacred plant medicine revered for its heart-opening and healing properties. Explore my offerings to learn about cacao's magic, shop for ceremonial cacao, and join my in-person or online cacao trainings to deepen your connection with this ancient plant ally.

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Certified Breathwork and Herbalism Training

Become a Certified Ceremonial Breathwork Practitioner and Sacred Space Holder, and Embark on Your Path as a Plant Priestess

Wild Bloom Academy offers a unique blend of breathwork training and herbalism and sacred plant education together with sacred space holding.

Choose Your Journey: Personal Healing or Professional Certification


At Wild Bloom Academy, you have the flexibility to choose your path. Apply for a 4-month journey focused on personal healing, or embark on the full 7-month program to become a certified Ceremonial Breathwork Practitioner and Sacred Space Holder. Each path promises a holistic approach to healing body, mind, and spirit.

Unique Integration of Herbalism and Breathwork


This training stands out for its unique combination of herbal wisdom and transformational breathwork practices. It's designed to create deep personal and professional growth, making it an ideal choice for anyone seeking a well-rounded, comprehensive breathwork and sacred space holding course.

A Holistic Approach to Wellness and Healing

Immerse yourself in a life-changing experience with Wild Bloom Academy. Whether healing from stress, seeking purpose, or aspiring for a career in holistic wellness, this breathwork and herbalism course is your gateway to a more aligned, fulfilling life.

Expertise Beyond Breathwork

This course goes beyond traditional breathwork training. Expect guest teachings on diverse topics like herbalism, nervous system healing, the healing powers of water, voice activation, inner child healing, non-violent communication and workshops on how to start your own spiritual business that will make you thrive. These additional modules enrich the learning experience, providing a well-rounded approach to holistic wellness.

Join the Vibrant Wild Bloom Community


Become part of a compassionate and nurturing community at Wild Bloom Academy. This course is designed to foster sisterhood and support, creating a network of like-hearted sisters committed to growth and healing. Together, we create a space of shared learning and transformation.

Ready to Transform with Wild Bloom?


Your path to a more empowered, aligned, and spiritually enriched life starts with Wild Bloom Academy. Visit Wild Bloom to learn more and enroll in this unique breathwork and herbalism training.  


"Nina är genuin spacehållare som är hela sig själv. Hon bubblar av energi, bjuder in till trygghet och är jordnära. Det är lätt att få vara hela mig och släppa ut det jag behöver. Jag har gått Ninas kurs i breathwork online och det är en av dem bästa investeringarna jag gjort. Jag har oxå haft äran att gå på cacao ceremoni med breathwork fysiskt i Stockholm och den kvällen var så vacker, befriande och lugn. Tack för dig Nina ❤️"


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Wild Cacao Collective: Shop Ceremonial Cacao

Experience the Magic of Our Artisanal Ceremonial Cacao

At Wild Cacao Collective, we are passionate about offering the finest Ceremonial Cacao, handcrafted and ethically sourced from the mystical lands of Guatemala. Our focus is not just on quality, but also on the profound spiritual connection that this sacred cacao fosters. Revered for its heart-opening qualities, our cacao is a bridge to deeper emotional healing and spiritual exploration.

The Health Benefits of Our Ceremonial Cacao

Carefully selected from the region around Lake Atitlan, our Ceremonial Cacao transcends its role in ritual to become a nutritional powerhouse. Bursting with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and the natural ability to stimulate the release of feel-good hormones like serotonin and endorphins, it's a superfood in the truest sense of the word. Infused with the vibrancy of the land and the heartfelt dedication of local farmers, this cacao brings you a cup filled not only with the rich flavors of Guatemala, but also with its enduring wisdom and tradition.



Embark on a Heart-Opening Journey with Ceremonial Cacao and Enter the Healing World of Cacao Ceremonies

Join one of my Shamanic Cacao Ceremonies, a place where the sacred plant medicine, cacao, is used to open our hearts and connect us more deeply with ourselves and each other. For newcomers, this is a gentle introduction to experiencing the transformative power of plant medicine. For those already on the path, each ceremony offers deeper insights and emotional healing, deeply rooted in ancient practices.

Connect and Transform in Our Cacao Ceremony

Whether you're joining for the first time or are a experienced participant, you're invited to a space where we breathe, sing, and share together. My ceremonies are about building connections, experiencing our emotions, and letting the healing power of music and cacao work within us.

The Gentle Power of Ceremonial Cacao

My Cacao Ceremonies feature ceremonial cacao, a plant medicine revered for its heart-opening qualities. It's more than a ritual ingredient; it's a tool for emotional and spiritual exploration. Ideal for those new to self-exploration and for experienced seekers alike, cacao helps to unlock deeper understanding and guidance on the path of the heart.

Ready for a Journey of the Heart? Join a Ceremonial Cacao Experience

This invitation is for everyone curious about the path of  healing and those looking to deepen their spiritual practice. My cacao ceremonies are not just about the cacao; they are gatherings for singing, dancing, relaxing, and sharing, creating an enriching experience that nourishes your soul and ignites your inner joy.


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How Breathwork Healing can change your life (just like it changed mine)

Breathwork Healing encompasses a wide range of powerful techniques, including shamanic breathwork, holotropic, and rebirthing. However, my true passion lies in Transformational Breathwork, where we use connected breathing to nurture healing of the body, mind, and spirit.


In my distinctive Ceremonial Breathwork sessions, we combine gentle breathwork with embodied movement, setting heartfelt intentions, and sharing experiences. These sessions delve into the energies of chakras and elements, often accompanied by heart songs, mantras and voice activations as well as the use of cacao or other herbal medicines.

Ceremonial Breathwork is so much more than a healing practice; it's a journey of personal growth and loving care. It provides a sanctuary for you to release, find peace, and reconnect with your authentic self. Whether you're on a path of personal healing or aspiring to guide others as a breathwork facilitator, my sessions and training programs are lovingly tailored to meet you at every step of your journey.

I invite you to join me in a session or immerse yourself in a transformative training experience. Together, we will discover the gentle yet profound power of breathwork.


Book your spot today and embark on a fulfilling journey of healing, self-discovery, and joy.

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