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The Healing Power of a Cacao Ceremony

Join me as we create a space for self-discovery, heart-opening and inner healing.  Prepare to embark on a transformative journey that combines the wisdom of Ceremonial Cacao with the profound healing power of breathwork and sound healing.

What is a Cacao Ceremony?

A Cacao Ceremony is a sacred and intentional gathering where the highest quality ceremonial-grade cacao from Guatemala is drunk as a plant medicine. It is a deeply transformative and heart-opening experience that combines ancient traditions, spiritual practices and the healing properties of Cacao. Through energy clearing, intention setting, rituals, embodied movement and transformational breathwork you will connect with yourself and the other participants on a deeper level and the spirit of Cacao will help with  your healing, self-discovery, and inner transformation. It is a powerful journey of love, connection, and personal growth and I would love to hold space for you.

This ceremony will look a little bit different every time depending on the season of the year, location (inside or outside), where we are in the moon cycle and depending on any special requests you might have- bachelorette gathering, babyshower, corporate events and birthdays is a beautiful time to gather your friends and family for a more conscious and heart opening gathering. One client did a ceremony with the friends who supported her through the grief of her father, others have done a ceremony to release stress, trauma, fears, past relationships or anger, and some to call in more abundance, joy and playfulness into their lives. Whatever phase you are in your life or cycle, we can create a beautiful ceremony for it. And why not gather your colleagues for a new kind of kick off or to release tension in the group and create a more understanding and compassionate team.

What will happen in a Cacao Ceremony?

I create a warm and and safe space for your healing process and our Cacao Ceremony together includes:

☽Introduction to Ceremonial Cacao and Transformational breathwork

☽A heart opening and nourishing cup of ceremonial cacao from Guatemala

☽Intention setting

☽Grounding Meditation 

☽A short embodied movement session like shaking, dancing and body awakening

☽Guided Transformational Breathwork


☽Hands on healing 

☽Sound healing and heart songs

☽Sharing circle and Integrations

If there is time we can also pull some oracle cards, totally optional.

Is a Cacao Ceremony for you?

A Cacao Ceremony with breathwork is for you if you might want to…

☽ Open up your heart and tune into to your inner voice, your inner knowing

☽ Get clarity on what is important in your life- find your purpose, your why

☽ Work on releasing stress and/ or anxiety and calm your nervous system 

☽ Get out of your head and quiet down the chatter in your monkey mind

☽ Get increased energy

☽ Increase your self love and self worth

☽ Enhance your creativity

☽ Explore new ways to heal your body and your mind

☽ Feel more grounded and in contact with your own body

☽ Connect with other like hearted souls

☽ Experience relaxation and total bliss

How long is a Cacao Ceremony?

My Cacao Ceremony is normally somewhere between 2,5- 3 hours. This time allows for the full integration of the cacao's effects and provides space for deep inner work, reflection, and sharings. 


Where can You find a Cacao Ceremony?

I host ceremonies and gatherings allover the world- this summer mainly in The Wild Meadow in Skåne and sometimes I host Cacao Ceremonies in Stockholm and Malmö, check my calendar for any upcoming offerings.

I am a flexible being always up for an adventure so reach out if you want me to teach at any event, retreat, gathering or festival and let's talk. I can teach in Swedish and English.

What does a Cacao Ceremony cost?

Pricing and bookings:​

☽2.5 Hour Ceremony in The Wild Meadow, Skåne- 2995 sek for a ceremony up to 5 people, then additional 400 sek per person. (I can travel to a wished location with added travel costs so reach out and let's talk)

☽Private groups and Couples, Corporate and guest teaching at your retreat- Price vary widely depending on: Location, time and number of participants- reach out to inquire about a quote.

☽Open Group Sessions- Check my Calendar for upcoming Ceremonies and Online Breathwork Offerings.

Contact me easiest on my email:

You can read more about breathwork, benefits and reviews on the BREATHWORK page and read everything you need to know about CEREMONIAL CACAO.

Other ways to experience Cacao with me:

Join any of my group Cacao Ceremonies

Join my next Ceremonial Cacao Online Training

Book a private training with me in Skåne (can be mixed with breathwork and herbalism


"Ninas Kakao ceremoni med breathwork och sound healing var verkligen magisk! Jag kände att jag var i ett ’safe space’ att verkligen frigöra och öppna upp för det som ville rensas ur och fyllas på med. Tydliga värmande riktlinjer och övningar som ledde till ett kraftfullt frigörande och framförallt påfyllning av tacksamhet till mitt liv, Harmoni, tillit och kärlek. 

Tack Nina för att du är ett sånt ljus där du erbjuder dina gåvor på ett väldigt autentiskt och kärleksfullt vis."

—  Maria Rockstadius

Nina Medicina Recension


Your Questions Answered


What is a Cacao Ceremony?

A cacao ceremony is a sacred and intentional gathering where we come together to connect with the spirit of cacao, a powerful plant medicine. During the ceremony, we create a safe and nurturing space to honor the ancient wisdom of cacao and tap into its heart opening and heart healing energies.

Cacao, in its pure and ceremonial form, acts as a heart-opening facilitator, supporting us in deepening our connection with ourselves, others, and the universe. It helps to quiet the busy monkey mind, opens up the heart, and creates a heightened sense of presence and awareness.

In a cacao ceremony, we usually start by setting our intentions, aligning ourselves with the energy and guidance of the cacao spirit. Then, we drink a specially prepared cacao made from the highest quality ceremonial Cacao you can ever find from Guatemala and the Cacao is blended with other sacred ingredients that enhance its effects which might be different depending on the theme of your ceremony.

As the cacao begins to work its magic, we engage in practices such as breathwork, chanting, and sometimes movement or dance- I do love a good shaking practice! These practices help us enter a deep state of relaxation, allowing the cacao to guide us on a journey of self-exploration, healing, and spiritual connection.

Every cacao ceremony is unique, as it is influenced by the intentions, energies, and dynamics of the participants present. The experience can be deeply personal and profound, offering insights, emotional release, clarity, and a sense of inner peace and joy.

It is important to approach a cacao ceremony with respect, and an open heart. The cacao spirit is a wise and loving ally, inviting us to explore our inner realms and embrace our true essence. The ceremony provides a sacred container for transformation, healing, and spiritual growth.

If you are called to experience the magic of cacao, I invite you to join me in a ceremony- you find my upcoming offerings in my calendar.

Why do we drink Ceremonial Cacao?

We drink ceremonial cacao because it is a sacred and powerful plant medicine that holds profound healing and transformative qualities. Cacao has been used for centuries by indigenous cultures in spiritual and ceremonial practices, and its consumption allows us to tap into its energetic properties and connect with its wisdom.

Ceremonial cacao acts as a gentle yet potent heart opener, helping us to expand our capacity to give and receive love, both to ourselves and others. It has the ability to enhance our connection with our own inner guidance, intuition, and higher consciousness.

When we drink ceremonial cacao, it supports us in creating a deeper connection with our emotions and facilitates a sense of presence and inner stillness. It can help quiet the mind, allowing us to access deeper states of meditation, clarity, and self-reflection.

Cacao contains natural compounds such as theobromine and anandamide, which have mood-enhancing and bliss-inducing effects. These compounds, combined with the intention and energetic preparation of ceremonial cacao, create a synergistic experience that can bring about feelings of joy, relaxation, and expanded awareness- Its magic and you have to try it!

In the context of a ceremony, the act of drinking cacao is more than simply consuming a beverage. It is an intentional ritual, a sacred communion with the spirit of cacao. By consciously sipping the cacao drink, we invite its energy into our being, showing our spirits that we are ready to embark on an inner journey of self-discovery, healing, and spiritual connection.

It is important to approach the consumption of ceremonial cacao with reverence and respect, recognizing it as a sacred ally and honoring its guidance. By drinking ceremonial cacao, we open ourselves to receive its gifts and allow its energy to assist us in our personal growth, spiritual exploration, and the awakening of our truest selves.

How does a cacao ceremony work and what can I expect during a Cacao ceremony?

Each Cacao Ceremony is different depending on who is facilitating it but in my ceremonies it will look something like this:

Setting the Space: We begin by creating a sacred space, both physically and energetically and the space and everyone who enters it is smudged with blessing herbs.

Opening Circle: We gather in a circle, forming a sacred container for our ceremony. This circle represents unity, equality, and respect for each participant's unique journey. We start by sharing introductions, setting intentions, and creating a safe and supportive space for everyone present.

Movement: I love to move my body before we sit down so a shaking or blindfolded meditation dance is not uncommon in my ceremonies

Cacao Blessing: We honor the spirit of cacao by offering a ceremonial blessing. This involves connecting with the cacao medicine and expressing gratitude for its presence and guidance as well as sending our gratitude to everyone who made it possible for us to gather and sharing this heart healing medicine. Sometimes, we may also call upon other supportive energies, such as the elements, ancestors, or spirit guides, to join us in the ceremony.


Cacao Preparation: I serve a specially prepared ceremonial cacao elixir. This elixir is made from highest quality, pure cacao paste sourced from ethical and sustainable origins in Guatemala.. It is carefully prepared with love and intention, incorporating sacred ingredients and spices that enhance its energetic properties.

Cacao Invocation: As we hold our cups of cacao, we enter a moment of silence or guided meditation. This is an opportunity to connect with the spirit of the cacao, to acknowledge its presence, and to invite its energy into our hearts and beings. 

Heart Opening Practices: We engage in various practices to open and connect with our hearts. This may include breathwork, meditation, gentle movement, chanting, or other heart-centered activities. These practices help us to release any blockages, cultivate self-love, and deepen our connection with ourselves and others.

Inner Journey: With our hearts open and the cacao's support, we embark on an inner journey of self-exploration and healing. Guided transformational breathwork we delve into our emotions, thoughts, and intuitive insights. The cacao acts as a gentle facilitator, assisting us in uncovering and releasing what no longer serves us, and inviting in greater love, clarity, and spiritual connection.

Integration and Sharing: After the inner journey, we come together as a group to share our experiences, insights, and reflections. This sharing circle provides an opportunity for deep connection, support, and validation. It allows us to integrate our experiences and receive the wisdom and perspectives of others.

Closing the Ceremony: We conclude the ceremony with gratitude and reverence. We express gratitude for the cacao, the participants, and the transformative experiences shared. We honor the sacred space we co-created and set intentions to carry the insights and healing into our daily lives and I love to end with a few songs or mantras

Each cacao ceremony is unique, influenced by the energy of the participants, the intentions set, and my intuitive guidance. The ceremony provides a sacred container for personal growth, healing, and spiritual connection, allowing us to deepen our relationship with ourselves, others, and the wisdom of cacao.

I hope to meet you soon if you feel called to this work- see my upcoming offerings.



What are the benefits of attending your cacao ceremony?

Ah so many benefits, where to start..

Well first of all.. Cacao is a gentle yet powerful heart opener. It helps to remove emotional blockages and supports us in cultivating a deeper sense of love, compassion, and connection. By attending a cacao ceremony, you may experience a profound expansion of your heart space, allowing for greater self-love, empathy, and harmonious relationships- and who doesnt want that?

Emotional Release and Healing: Cacao has the ability to bring awareness to suppressed emotions and unresolved issues. It acts as a catalyst for emotional release, allowing you to process and heal past traumas, grief, or heartbreak. The ceremony provides a safe space for you to explore and transform these emotions, leading to greater emotional freedom and well-being. YAY!

Heightened Spiritual Connection: Cacao is a sacred plant medicine and she has the ability to enhance spiritual experiences. By joining a cacao ceremony, you can deepen your connection to your higher self and the wisdom within. The ceremony creates a sacred container for spiritual exploration, insights, and guidance.

Clarity and Inner Guidance: Cacao supports mental clarity and focus, helping to quiet the noise of the busy monkey mind and access deeper levels of awareness. Attending a ceremony can provide clarity on life's challenges, purpose, and direction. It helps you tap into your inner guidance, intuition, and authentic self, enabling you to make empowered choices aligned with your truest desires.

Stress Reduction and Relaxation: The properties of cacao, combined with the intentional practices within a ceremony, promote relaxation and stress reduction. Cacao contains natural compounds that elevates our mood, induces feelings of relaxation, and boosts overall well-being. The ceremony offers a sanctuary for you to unwind, let go of tension, and find inner peace.

Community and Connection: Cacao ceremonies generally creates a sense of community and connection among the participants and many become friends afterwards as we open our hearts and share from such vulnerable and authentic spaces. Gathering in a sacred circle creates a supportive and non-judgmental space for sharing, vulnerability, and authentic connection. Attending a ceremony allows you to meet like-hearted individuals, forge meaningful connections, and feel a sense of belonging.

Self-Exploration and Personal Growth: Cacao ceremonies provide an opportunity for deep self-reflection and personal growth. The ceremony invites you to explore your inner world, uncover limiting beliefs, and expand your awareness. It can help you gain valuable and life changing insights, overcome challenges, and discover new possibilities for growth and transformation.

Joy, Bliss, and Increased Energy: Cacao is known to induce feelings of joy, bliss, and increased energy. The ceremony allows you to tap into these uplifting states of being, helping you to experience greater vitality, enthusiasm, and maybe even a renewed lust for life.

Remember, the benefits of attending a cacao ceremony may vary for each individual, as the experience is unique to your personal journey and intentions. By immersing yourself in the sacred space of a cacao ceremony, you open yourself to a world of healing, expansion, and spiritual connection.

Is ceremonial cacao different from regular chocolate?

YES, Ceremonial Cacao and Chocolate are very different.

While both ceremonial cacao and regular chocolate come from the cacao bean, they are distinct in terms of their preparation, intention, and energetic qualities.

Source and Quality: Ceremonial cacao is sourced from high-quality, pure cacao beans that are carefully selected and processed with great care. It is typically made from the Criollo bean that is known for its rich flavor and amazing energetic properties. On the other hand, regular chocolate often undergoes extensive processing, including the addition of sugar, milk, and other ingredients, which kills all the nutrients, dilutes the purity and energetic potency of the cacao and most likely the farmers are underpaid if they even get paid (the chocolate industry is unfortunately one of the dirtiest food industries in the world so I would NEVER buy chocolate from the big producers- just my personal opinion.)

Intention and Preparation: Ceremonial cacao is prepared with specific intentions and rituals in mind. It is crafted to honor the spirit of cacao as a sacred plant medicine. The ceremonial cacao preparation involves minimal processing, preserving its natural properties and energetic integrity. Regular chocolate, on the other hand, is typically produced for commercial consumption and mass-market appeal, focusing more on taste, texture, and extended shelf life.

Energetic Properties: Ceremonial cacao is revered for its energetic properties, which are believed to support healing, spiritual growth, and heart-centered experiences. It contains higher levels of bioactive compounds, such as theobromine and anandamide, that contribute to its mood-enhancing and bliss-inducing effects. Regular chocolate, while still containing cacao, may have lower levels of these beneficial compounds due to processing and the addition of other ingredients. To be able to call it ceremonial Cacao we are only allowed to produce it according to the elements of the earth- so we roast the beans over an open fire, not in industrial ovens, we also sun dry the beans to keep all the nutrients.

Intentional Consumption: Ceremonial cacao is consumed with a specific intention, often in a ceremonial or ritualistic context. It is approached with reverence and mindfulness, recognizing it as a sacred plant medicine that can facilitate deep inner work, connection, and transformation. Regular chocolate, on the other hand, is typically consumed for pleasure or as a snack, without the same intention or energetic focus.

Experience and Effects: The experience of consuming ceremonial cacao is often described as more profound and heart-centered compared to regular chocolate. Ceremonial cacao can induce a gentle yet powerful opening of the heart, heightened sensory perception, and a deeper connection with oneself and others. Regular chocolate, while it may be enjoyable, will not give you the same depth of experience or provide the same energetic support.

Are there any health considerations or contraindications for participating in a cacao ceremony?

While cacao is generally well-tolerated and considered safe, there are a few considerations to keep in mind:

Sensitivity to Caffeine: Cacao contains a natural stimulant called theobromine, which is similar to caffeine YET it does not stress your nervous system like caffeine does.. If you are highly sensitive to caffeine or have a pre-existing condition that makes caffeine intake problematic, my advice is to drink cacao with caution so you don't get overstimulated. Theobromine can have very stimulating effects on some people, and individuals with caffeine sensitivities may experience increased heart rate, restlessness, or other discomfort. 

Medications and MAOIs (antidepressants): Cacao contains naturally occurring compounds that can interact with certain medications, especially Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOIs). MAOIs are a class of antidepressant medications that can interact with the compounds in cacao and potentially cause adverse effects like serotonin overdose. If you are taking MAOIs or other strong medications you can consult with your doctor before participating in a cacao ceremony or just take a little sip and drink a lot of water to try it out. A LOT of people have actually managed to quite antidepressants after starting to drink Cacao which is amazing, we just don't want to take strong doses of medication and Cacao at the same time.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding: If you have never been drinking Cacao before I would not advise you to drink a full dose of cacao in your first trimester as we generally dont want to try new stimulating things during this sensitive period. With that said, Cacao symbolizes fertility and is many times used in Mesoamerican cultures before birth so the child will be born from an open and loving heart. Cacao does contain certain stimulants and constituents that may affect individuals differently, and it's important to ensure the well-being of both the parent and the baby so if you never tried Cacao before, just try out a little bit and see how you feel. Your body and intuition is your best guide here.

Personal Health Conditions: If you have any specific health conditions, such as cardiovascular issues, high blood pressure, or severe mental health conditions, it's recommended to discuss your participation in a cacao ceremony with your doctor and definitely do let me know before you join any of my ceremonies or retreats and I will not give you a full dose.

It's essential to communicate openly with the cacao ceremonialist (in this case me) about any health concerns, medications, or allergies you may have so I can suggest alternative approaches to ensure your safety and comfort throughout the experience.


What should I wear or bring to a cacao ceremony?

I recommend that you wear comfortable clothing that allows for ease of movement and supports your relaxation. You may also want to bring a journal or something to write with as a lot of insights might come up. It is also a good idea to drink a lot of water before and after the ceremony to stay hydrated during the ceremony- a water bottle is always good to have.

Can anyone participate in a cacao ceremony?

Cacao ceremonies are open to individuals of all backgrounds and spiritual beliefs. There are no specific prerequisites for participation, as the ceremony welcomes anyone with a genuine intention to explore and engage in their personal healing and spiritual journey. It is important, however, to approach the ceremony with an open heart, respect for the sacred space, and a willingness to be present and engaged in the process.

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