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Dive Deep into the Magical World of Mama Cacao with a Ceremonial Cacao Training Online

Discover the ancient secrets and profound healing of Ceremonial Cacao in a transformative 2-week online training. Immerse yourself in the sacred rituals and practices that honor this divine plant medicine.

This Ceremonial Cacao training is a 2 week deep dive into the world of ceremonial cacao, ceremonies and rituals that will help you dive deeper into your relationship with Ceremonial Cacao. After this training you will have the knowledge and confidence you need to share Cacao in your own work in a sacred and respectful way.

About the Cacao Training

This Cacao Training Online is for you if you want to:

  • Dive deeper into your relationship with Ceremonial Cacao

  • Learn more about how to incorporate Ceremonial Cacao into your everyday life

  • Learn how to make your own cup of Cacao for yourself and/ or to share in a larger group

  • You want to learn how to honour this sacred plant medicine and share her magic in a sacred and ceremonial way

  • Explore your own unique way to work and connect with Cacao

  • Get inspired on how to create your own rituals and ceremonies and create a safe and sacred space

  • Learn more about what ingredients/ herbs/ adaptogens work best with cacao and learn how to communicate with the different plant spirits

  • Tune into your hearts desires so you can follow its direction and learn not to listen to your overthinking monkey mind

  • Learn how to communicate around Cacao and how we can protect this sacred medicine


What You Will Learn in this Ceremonial Cacao Training Online


  • The history of Cacao

  • Where and who it comes from

  • How it is grown and prepared

  • How to honor this sacred plant medicine

  • The whole process from bean to a cup of cacao

  • The difference between ceremonial cacao and other cacao/ chocolate/ cocoa

  • Her spiritual and medicinal uses

  • Her health benefits

  • Risks and contraindications

  • Cultural appropriation and appreciation

  • What is a cacao ceremony

  • How to set up sacred space

  • How to work with the elements and the chakras

  • Cleansing of the space before a ceremony

  • Intention setting

  • How to prepare a cup of ceremonial cacao for personal use, a small group, or a big group.

  • A daily dose vs a Ceremonial dose

  • What ingredients works together with cacao

  • Different Cacao recipes

  • Incorporating rituals in a busy lifestyle

  • Cacao as an aphrodisiac 

  • Inspiration and discussion on ways to create your own practice.

  • Meditations to communicate with the cacao

  • Examples of songs and sounds to use in ceremony

  • Practices to deepen your self love and self care

  • My personal journey with cacao and how it has helped me heal


There are many ways to work with Cacao and we will explore a few of them. We will build intimacy with this sacred plant spirit and we will have a lot of sharings and discussions, we will meditate, dance, sing, journal and we will meet one day for an optional cacao ceremony with breathwork and sacred sounds.

After this training you will feel fully confident in how to integrate cacao into your daily life and even to share her in your own community in a respectful way honoring this sacred plant medicine.


What you will receive in this Ceremonial Cacao training:

- 2 live sessions on zoom with me

- Optional live 2.5 hours of a cacao ceremony with breathwork and sacred sounds with me in Stockholm och Skåne  (Value 500 sek) 

- 20% discount code on any Cacao from Wild Cacao Collective

- Breathwork practice, Shamanic Journeying, Embodiment practices

- Access to my Cacao Ceremony playlists with over 5 hours of amazing music

- Learn Cacao songs with drum, guitarr and/ or rattle

- Deep connections with like-hearted people in my community

- Access to our private WhatsApp group for support and inspiration after the training

Upcoming Trainings and Pricing of this Cacao Training Online


This course will take place over 2 weeks with 2 live Zoom sessions and access to prerecorded material as well.


The dates for my group sessions are TBC but you can book a private training for yourself or your own group of friends:

Email: to request a booking

Investment in yourself:

5555 sek per person

If you want to join but don't have the money right now you can send me an email and we can discuss a payment plan.

Ready to Experience the Magic of Ceremonial Cacao for Yourself? Reach Out to Me to Request a Private Training


Or send an e-mail to

Curious to Learn More about Ceremonial Cacao? 

  • Read more on my blog

Indulge in the Magic at Home

Ready to bring the medicine of Ceremonial Cacao into your own space? Visit Wild Cacao Collective to purchase high-quality Ceremonial Cacao products and create your own cacao ritual at home!


Your Questions Answered about Ceremonial Cacao and this training:

1. What is ceremonial cacao and how is it different from regular cacao or chocolate?

Ceremonial cacao is a special type of cacao known for its purity and intention. It's made from the most high qulaity cacao beans and it is very different from regular cacao or chocolate because it's prepared with sacred rituals and used for its heart-opening and healing properties with minimum processing to keep all of it's health benefits. During our training, you'll learn all about these differences.

2. Is this training suitable for beginners with no experience working with cacao?

Absolutely! My popular training welcomes both newcomers and those already familiar with cacao. I'll guide you through the basics and offer advanced insights to ensure that everyone can deepen their relationship with ceremonial cacao.

3. How can I incorporate ceremonial Ceremonial Cacao into my daily life?

Throughout the training, you'll gain practical knowledge on how to integrate ceremonial Cacao into your daily routine. From preparing a cup for your own ritual to sharing with a group, we'll explore different ways to honor this sacred plant medicine.

4. Can I learn to create my own cacao rituals and ceremonies?

Yes, you can! My course encourages your creativity and unique connection to cacao. You'll receive inspiration and guidance to create your own personal rituals and ceremonies that foster a safe and sacred space.

5. Are there any specific health benefits associated with ceremonial cacao?

Oh my gosh SO MANY! Ceremonial Cacao is valued for its potential health benefits, such as opening the heart chakra, reducing stress, and enhancing intuition. We'll dive into these aspects during the training to give you a full understanding and I will share my personal story as well of how Cacao helped me heal my body and reconnect with my heart.

6. What are the risks or contraindications of working with ceremonial cacao?

Safety is key! We'll cover potential risks and contraindications associated with cacao consumption during the course. 

7. How does cultural appropriation come into play when working with ceremonial Cacao?

Respecting cultural contexts is critical. We'll discuss cultural appreciation versus appropriation to ensure you understand how to honor the origins and traditions of ceremonial cacao.

8. Will I learn how to create a sacred space for cacao ceremonies?

Absolutely! You'll receive guidance on creating a sacred environment, including the use of elements and chakras, space cleansing, and intention setting.

9. What can I expect from the optional Cacao Breathwork and Sacred Sound Ceremony?

This optional ceremony is a powerful experience. It includes breathwork and sacred sounds and offers a transformative journey into the heart of cacao. It's a chance to deepen your connection and only available in Stockholm and Skåne next year.

10. How will this training help me share cacao respectfully with my community?

By the end of the course, you'll feel confident integrating cacao into your daily life and facilitating ceremonies with respect for this sacred plant medicine. You'll be well prepared to share its magic with your community and honor its sacred essence.

11. When does the Ceremonail Cacoa training take place, and what are the dates?

The training is four enriching weeks but spread our over December and January- we start on December 6th and concluding in January. We will meet online on Zoom

12. How much does the Ceremonial Cacao training cost?

The cost for this transformative journey into the world of ceremonial cacao is 5995 sek which is a about 560 usd. It includes all course materials, guided sessions, and access to valuable resources as well as a block of the most amazing Ceremonial Cacao from Guatemala and an optional in person Cacao Ceremony with me next year in Stockholm or Skåne.

13. Can participants from around the world join this training?

Absolutely! This online training is open to individuals worldwide. I welcome participants from different corners of the globe to join my virtual community and explore the magic of ceremonial cacao together.

14. What time zone will the training sessions be held in?

Our sessions are scheduled in Central European Time (CET), which is GMT+2. However, I understand that participants may be joining from various time zones, so we'll make recordings available for those who cannot attend live sessions. Your commitment to this journey is what matters most.

15. Are you qualified to host this training?

Absolutely. I have had the privilege of working closely with ceremonial cacao for over 7 years. My journey has taken me to the heart of cacao's origins in Guatemala, where I learned from indigenous teachers who have graciously shared their profound wisdom. It is my mission to bridge the gap between this ancient knowledge and the Western world, guiding us all towards living more authentically from our heart space.

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