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Unleash Your Potential with a Transformational Breathwork Session


This 90 min- 2 hour breathwork session is available in both Swedish and English.

Breathwork is like a voyage of self-discovery, where you explore hidden parts of yourself. It helps you let go of things holding you back and find a new sense of freedom in life- and the most amazing part..It really works!!

Explore for yourself how Breathwork Can Help You Transform Your Life

What is Transformational Breathwork?

Transformational Breathwork is a holistic practice that uses conscious, connected breathing for physical, emotional and spiritual transformation. This technique takes you deep within and connects you to your divine essence. It's a powerful tool for self-growth and healing. Breathwork increases energy, clears emotions, and brings balance. You are your own medicine, and believe me, it really works! I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for this practice.

This ancient healing technique is pure medicine for your body and mind. Experience rapid transformation as we quiet the monkey mind's chatter. With the breath, the mind relaxes, the body connects, and thoughts reshape. Emotions, old stories and limitations are released. Are you ready to step into your best life yet?

What is included in a private transformational breathwork session?

I create a warm and and safe space for your healing process and our session together includes all this medicine:

☽Initial Consultation 

☽Intention setting

☽Grounding Meditation

☽Guided Breathwork

☽Aromatherapy (not included in online session)

☽Hands on healing (not included in online session)

☽Sacred sound relaxation

☽Integration and sharing

Transformational breathwork healing benefits

Ahh too healing benefits to share but here are some:

☽Stress, anxiety and trauma relief 

☽Soothes the nervous system

☽Boosts energy levels

☽​Cultivates self-love and self-worth

☽​Enhances clarity and concentration

☽​Strengthens the immune system

☽Enhanced creativity

☽Deepens connection to your purpose

Prices for a 1:1 transformational breathwork workshop

☽ Single 2 hour Session, In Person OR Online- 1995 sek (Necessary if its your first time breathing with me)

☽Single 90 min Session, In Person OR Online- 1495 sek 

Book a Breathwork Retreat or Breathwork training for Deep Transformation

I am hosting a wide range of retreats, ceremonies and breathwork trainings and courses- have a look in my calendar for all my upcoming events and reach out if you want to book a private training.

Contact me easiest on my email:


"Ninas Kakao ceremoni med breathwork och sound healing var verkligen magisk! Jag kände att jag var i ett ’safe space’ att verkligen frigöra och öppna upp för det som ville rensas ur och fyllas på med. Tydliga värmande riktlinjer och övningar som ledde till ett kraftfullt frigörande och framförallt påfyllning av tacksamhet till mitt liv, Harmoni, tillit och kärlek. 

Tack Nina för att du är ett sånt ljus där du erbjuder dina gåvor på ett väldigt autentiskt och kärleksfullt vis."

—  Maria Rockstadius

Nina Medicina Review


I have answered your most commonly asked questions about Breathwork at the bottom of this page so head over there and if you have any other questions about breathwork then please email me at and I will add my reply here if it is a commonly asked question.

What can I expect in a private Transformational Breathwork session?

In a private session, I create a warm and safe space for your healing journey. Our session includes:

Initial consultation, Intention Setting, Grounding meditation, Guided Breathwork, Aromatherapy (not included in online sessions) Hands on Healing (not included in online sessions), Sacred Sound Relaxation, Integration and Sharing

Why book a private breathwork session?

A private Transformational Breathwork session offers a uniquely tailored and personalized experience that can be highly beneficial for individuals seeking specific results or those who prefer a more intimate setting. Here's why you should consider booking a private session rather than a group one:

1. Personalized attention: In a private session, you receive one-on-one guidance and support. I will focus entirely on your needs, preferences, and intentions, ensuring a customized breathwork experience that aligns with your goals.

2. Deeper Exploration: Private sessions allow for a deeper dive into your personal journey. You can explore and address specific issues, emotions, or challenges in a more comprehensive way.

3. Comfort and Safety: Some people may feel more comfortable opening up and releasing emotions in a private setting than in a group. This sense of safety and trust can lead to profound healing experiences.

4. Flexible Scheduling: Private sessions offer greater flexibility in scheduling. You can choose a time that works for you, making it easier to incorporate breathwork into your routine.

5. First time participants: If you're new to breathwork, a private session is an excellent choice to receive individualized guidance and ensure a positive introduction to the practice but definately not a must

Who should book a private breathwork session?

Private sessions are ideal for people who:

Have specific healing or self-discovery goals.
Value personalized attention and guidance.
Seek a safe and confidential space for emotional release.
Prefer a more intimate setting.
Are new to breathwork and want a gentle introduction.
Have a busy schedule and need flexible session times.
While group sessions offer their own unique benefits, a private session provides a focused and customized experience that can accelerate your journey of transformation and self-discovery.

Whether you choose a private or group session, the transformative power of breathwork awaits you and I am so excited to meet you where you are.

Transformational breathwork and PTSD or severe trauma:

If you are dealing with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) or severe trauma, private sessions can be especially beneficial. Breathwork, when done privately, allows for a deeply individualized approach to addressing trauma-related issues. It provides a safe environment where you can work through challenging emotions and memories at your own pace.

In addition, integration support is critical for individuals navigating trauma. In our private sessions, I can provide specialized guidance and support in the integration process, helping you to process and make sense of your experiences. If needed, I can also connect you with other professionals on my community who specialize in trauma recovery to ensure you receive comprehensive care.

Your healing journey is unique, and I am here to support you every step of the way. 

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