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JUNE 18th-23rd, 2024

Join us for a 6-Day Voice Activation Retreat in Sweden

Sister, are you ready to reclaim the power of your voice, allow your orgasmic life force to flow and unleash your innate wildness and free spirit?

Immerse yourself in the WILD SISTER SOUND ACTIVATION...

a sanctuary where the ancient wisdom of sisterhood, nature, and (sound) ritual converge. Nestled in the lush forests of southern Sweden, this week offers a sacred space to awaken the wild, free spirit within. That part of you that knows, that is connected to the power and wisdom of your womb and that lives in alignment with the cyclical rhythm of the moon and the sun. As the summer solstice aligns with the full moon, we harness this powerful energy to foster deep (self)connection and transformation.

Why Join the Wild Sister Sound Activation Retreat?

Discover the transformative Power of Sound and Voice

This sound and voice activation places special emphasis on the transformative power of sound and voice as a way of expressing our colorful wholeness, our truths and our dreams. Discover the joy of sounding yourself free, of using your voice to heal, inspire, let go of what no longer serves, embrace all parts of you and embody more of your multidimensional self. Experience the magic of singing in unison, where our collective voices create a harmonious blend that resonates with the earth and the elements. Explore the profound impact of the vibrations of intuitive co-created songs, ancient mantras, primal rhythms and guided sound journeys. 

Celebrate the Sacredness of Life through Rituals and Nature Immersion

Together, we will celebrate the sacredness of life through rituals that honor our ancestral ways and during playful and relaxed down-time. We will indulge in local, healthy foods harvested fresh from the earth and immerse ourselves in the healing power of cacao and herbal elixirs. Through sound, breath work, movement, nature immersions and nourishing touch, you will rediscover your sacred life force, and unleash your inner wildness.

Embrace Deep Sisterhood Connection

As we gather around the Fire, let the drumbeats and melodies guide us in a dance of liberation and joy. This is a call to all who long to explore the depths of their being, to sing the song of their soul, and to celebrate the untamed beauty of life. Join us at the WILD SISTER SOUND ACTIVATION for an unforgettable journey of sound, spirit and sisterhood under the luminous skies of the summer solstice and full moon.

Is This Voice Activation Retreat for me? ​

It is, if you are longing to: 

  • Listen to the voice of your soul and discover ways of expressing her   

  • Reconnect to your wild nature, uninhibited life force, sensuality and sacred sexuality so you can experience more joy and pleasure in your life

  • Let go of veils and layers of protection separating you from your most free and alive self

  • Embrace the deep knowing of your womb and heart 

  • Awaken the power of your voice so you can use the magic of sound as a tool for deep healing and transformation in your personal and professional life

  • Connect to your innate creativity and multidimensionality 

  • Deeply nourish your body

  • Experience the magic of Sisterhood

  • Align to the Moon’s wisdom and surrender to what arises in the moment

  • Plunge into the depths of what it means to be fully you

On This Journey You will: 

  • Awaken the power of your womb

  • Find your own ways to allow more joy, pleasure, aliveness, wildness and playfulness into your life

  • Find the strength and courage to share your voice and truth in authentic ways

  • Discover how you can bring the magic of sound into your daily life and into your purpose/work

  • Open up to your unique gifts

  • Get a deep sense of togetherness and what standing together for ourselves, each other and the earth truly means

  • Remember the ancient ways

Daily Program (may change according to your personal needs): 

  • Sound Temple: Embodied voice-opening practices, sound yourself free circles, intuitive singing, primal rhythms, ancient mantras and other medicine songs 

  • Cacao & herbal elixirs Ceremonies 

  • Nature immersion (forest walks, lake dips, fire circle and other elemental rituals)

  • Womb Transmissions 

  • Breathwork, (shaking) meditation, movement

  • Full Moon and Solstice celebration

  • Nourishing touch and co-regulation

  • Sauna and down-time

  • Local, healthy foods harvested fresh from the earth

Steffi is a Sound Temple Keeper, Womb Initiator, Mother and Sisterhood Weaver using nature as her sacred playing field! She shares her gift of awakening the power of the voice in others and using the magic of sound as a tool for deep healing and transformation. With her presence, she transmits a deep sense of sisterhood, embodied sacred sexuality and a joyful, wild and free connection to nature.

An education in SoulVoice and work with Sounds of Light fired up her passion to share with others the power of sound and our voice as a tool for accessing our deep body wisdom and for liberating and expressing our purest self in all its human rawness and multidimensionality. Her experience as a circle facilitator convinced her of the potential of (personal) transformation when we bring ourselves in connection with others in a field of safety, freedom and loving support. Carrying memories of oneness and sisterhood on a cellular level as a twin in this world and on a soul level from many lives with women in ancient temples, allows her to naturally transmit this healthy connection between sisters.

And nature… she simply loves being in nature with its wildness, the elements, the cyclical rhythm of the moon and the sun, the nature beings and its incredible beauty allowing her to align and remember her deepest truth!

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Meet Your Facilitators


Nina Medicina is a herbalist, Swedish forest goddess, cacao and breahtwork facilitator and she owns the magical sanctuary- The Wild Meadow, where we will host this retreat.Nina has been working with herbs, plants and ceremonial cacao for several years and she is very passionate to share sacred herbs and plants in ceremonies all over the world combined with a technique called transformational breathwork and sacred sounds.


Nina has been studying all sorts of healing modalities with some of the world's most renowned teachers. She is a herbalist from The Gaia School of Healing and School of The Sacred Wild and she is currently in a 18 month long herbal medicine program for woman with the amazing herbalist, midwife and MD, Dr Aviva Romm. She is a certified holistic health coach from IIN, a 200 YTT AMBA womans embodiment teacher as well as a breathwork teacher, trained with David Elliott. She also has a 100 hr certification from sound ceremony academy as a sound ceremonialist.​


On top of that she has gone to retreats and festivals allover the world, sat in ceremonies with plant medicine teachers, shamans and healers and spent the a few months at a permaculture farm in Costa Rica- and the answers she always comes back to is that Nature is the best medicine!

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Joining the Voice Activation Retreat in Sweden: Practical Information

Nourishment and Accommodation

Indulge in healthy, nourishing vegan/ vegetarian meals prepared with high-vibe ingredients, and enjoy the comfort of The Wild Meadow's accommodations, designed to harmonize with the natural surroundings.

For more details and to reserve your place, contact us at or


Location and Time

We will come together in The Wild Meadow- A sacred healing retreat space in the Swedish wilderness. The perfect place to disconnect from the outside world to be able to fully connect- to nature, yourself and the beauty that surrounds us. 

Located just an hour drive from Malmö, our retreat offers easy access for participants from Stockholm and nearby areas. Carpooling arrangements and pick-up options from local transportation hubs are available.


starts Tuesday 18th of June 2024 at 18pm and 

closes Sunday 23rd of June 2024 at 10am.


6-day activation (includes shared room for 5 nights and full board with organic vegan meals, daily sacred cacao):


  • Early bird rate (if you apply before the Full Moon on the 24th of April 2024): 999 Euro

  • Standard rate: 1155 Euro - Payment plan possible

  • Additional price for a private room: 200 Euro

  • Discount for own tent/van: 200 Euro

​​Embrace the Voice Activation Retreat Experience

Special Opportunities:

  • Discounted rates for photography and videography services

  • Payment Options: Flexible plans available.​


Contact me at to learn more

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