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🌟 Dive into a life-changing experience that provides you with the essential tools, knowledge, and confidence to use Ceremonial Breathwork as a powerful healing modality. This course is perfect for both personal well-being and those aspiring to guide others.


💫 Go at Your Own Pace: This 4-module training offers you the flexibility to learn at your own pace with lifetime access. Delve into each module whenever you're ready and revisit the material as often as you need.


🌿 What You'll Learn:


Week 1: Root Chakra - Earth Element
We start with the root chakra, laying the groundwork for our practice. This week is an introduction to the essentials of breathwork, including understanding tetany and other bodily responses. We'll focus on creating sacred spaces for healing and align with the grounding energy of the earth element. You'll learn rituals to honor this element and our 'inner winter,' along with calming breathing techniques to soothe the nervous system. The week ends with a transformational breathwork session aimed at grounding and stabilizing your energy.


Week 2: Sacral Chakra - Water Element
In the second week, we turn to the sacral chakra, associated with the fluidity and creativity of the water element. This period is dedicated to embracing emotional flow and creativity. We'll explore water-inspired breathwork, the significance of altars, and the use of sacred smokes. The week culminates in a profound breathwork session focused on emotional release and boosting creative energy.

Week 3: Solar Plexus Chakra - Fire Element Week three is centered on the solar plexus chakra, connecting us with the fire element's strength and vitality. The sessions cover important topics like gut health, the nervous system, and the role of a spaceholder in facilitating transformative experiences. The practices this week aim to energize and fortify the solar plexus, concluding with a dynamic breathwork session to kindle your inner fire and enhance self-confidence.


Week 4: Heart Chakra - Air Element The final week focuses on the heart chakra, inviting openness to love and the air element. Integrating the nurturing qualities of ceremonial cacao, this week also instructs on structuring breathwork sessions. We delve into the air element, fostering practices that nurture love, compassion, and connectivity. The training concludes with a heart-opening breathwork session, enabling you to experience profound emotional release and a heightened sense of interconnectedness.

Transformative Journey with Ceremonial Breathwork:Pre-Recorded 4-Module Training

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