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13 steps to start to Radiate Joy: A Guide to Discovering True Happiness

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Are you on a journey to find genuine happiness and inner fulfillment? Look no further—happiness lives within you, just waiting to be awakened so you too, can start to radiate joy. In this journey towards a happy and meaningful life, we'll explore simple yet transformative practices that can elevate your spirit and nurture your soul. Let's dive into the art of feeling happy in a world full of chaos and overwhelm! Here is my 13 steps to start to radiate joy

Go out in nature and sing to a plant
Nature is the best medicine

1. Breathwork: Begin your journey to happiness with a daily or at least weekly transformational breathwork practice. Breathwork is a powerful tool to have in your medicine cabinet that connects you to the present moment. Through deep, intentional breaths, you release stress and anxiety, opening the door to inner peace and contentment. My aim is to breath for at least 20 minutes every day and it has changed my life to the better in so many ways- I feel lighter, more clear, more full of energy, I carry less stress, anxiety and physical pain and tension- it just makes me feel so good! Combine the practice with a cup of ceremonial Cacao and you will get a holistic high making you feel so good and feel no craving whatsoever for alcohol and other substances with a low vibration.

2. Connect with Nature's Beauty: Nature has an enchanting way of nurturing our soul. Spend time in nature every day, whether it's gardening, a walk in the park or forest, a hike in the mountains, or simply walking barefoot for 10 minutes on whatever piece of grass you can find. Immersing yourself in nature's embrace fosters a deep sense of wonder, tranquility, and happiness- Don't forget that we are nature and disconnecting from her is like disconnecting from ourselves.

3. Sing Your Heart Out: Don't underestimate the power of music and song. Singing is a joyful expression of the heart. Whether you have the voice of a nightingale or simply enjoy humming your favorite tunes, singing elevates your mood, activates your vagus nerve bringing you into your parasympathetic nervous system and connects you to the rhythm of life. I always loved to sing but sometime in my late childhood I was told I couldn't, so that completely blocked my throat chakra and I didn't sing for many years (unless I was intoxicated). Finding my way back to singing has really brought so much joy back into my life and seriously everyone can do it. We are told in our society that only the ones with the pop star voices are allowed to shine but our voice is our expression of our soul, we are all allowed to take up space. I encourage you to join a kirtan or mantra session if you can find one close to where you live- it really helped me to open up my voice and no one will judge you for how you sing in those circles- all voices and expressions of your heart is welcome- at least in my ceremonies and retreats.

4. Express Your Heart's Desires: Happiness blossoms when you speak your heart's desires. Share your thoughts, dreams, and emotions with loved ones. Vulnerability and open communication create meaningful connections and a sense of fulfillment. I used to be so scared of sharing my heart in fear of being rejected but what is worse? Being rejected or playing small and staying quiet for all of your life?

5. Set Healthy Boundaries: Maintaining your happiness also means setting healthy boundaries. Honor your needs and values, both with yourself and in your relationships. Boundaries create a safe space for growth and authentic connections. This has been a huge one for me in the past years, I was terrible at setting them, being a real people pleaser but it made me feel terrible not honoring my needs. Now I speak my boundaries freely and I feel so much more light and heavy and I have closer relationships with those who honor my boundaries, and those who don't are not in my life anymore.

6. Nourish Your Body: Eating vibrant, nutrient-rich foods fuels both body and soul. Consume a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, savoring their flavors and life-giving energy. A well-nourished body supports a happy mind and spirit. I believe in eating as local and organic as I can and deeply listening to my body. Sometimes I crave meat and then I make sure to get meat from a neighbour who has just been out on a hunt or from the local butcher shop to make sure it comes from animals who have not been living an unworthy life and fed with chemicals, antibiotics and hormones. I believe in balance in life and listening to what my body is craving. Whatever you are eating and drinking, don't forget to give thanks. Just saying a few words of gratitude before each meal helps us not only digest our food better but it feels just so good to give thanks to the earth, the plants and the animals for providing us with all of this nourishment.

7. Stay Hydrated: Water is life they say, and proper hydration is essential for your well-being and myself, am not a huge water drinker so to sip on nourishing herbal infusions with nettles, hibiscus, ginger or licorice root works wonders for me.

8. Find Your Tribe: A sense of belonging and community is a cornerstone of happiness. Seek out like-minded individuals who share your interests and values. Building connections with your tribe provides a support system and a source of joy. We are not ment to do everything in our lifetime alone.

9. Practice Gratitude: Cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Daily, reflect on the blessings in your life—big or small. Gratitude opens your heart to the beauty that surrounds you, fostering happiness in every moment. I love to start my day with a gratitude practice and I keep giving thanks along my day. To the food, to my cacao, to nature, to my friends.

10. Share Acts of Kindness: Acts of kindness, whether small or grand, create a ripple effect of happiness. Extend your hand to help others without expecting anything in return, and you'll find your heart brimming with joy.

11. Live with Purpose: Discover your life's purpose and pursue it with passion. When your actions align with your purpose, every day becomes a source of fulfillment and happiness.

12.Learn something new everyday. For me, the past years I have been diving into learning new instruments, new songs and I always love reading, reading and reading to learn something new, big and small.

13. Sip Ceremonial Cacao: Ceremonial cacao, known as "the food of the gods," can be a delightful addition to your happiness journey. This ancient practice connects you to the heart's wisdom, fostering self-love and inner harmony. Savor the rich taste of ceremonial cacao as you embrace its potential to deepen your connection to joy. I recommend you get the most high quality Ceremonial Cacao there is from Wild Cacao Collective who work with farms, woman's collectives and a Cacao Shaman in Guatemala.

Ceremonial Cacao from Wild Cacao Collective
Start your day with a cup of Ceremonial Cacao

Remember that the journey to happiness is uniquely yours. Embrace these practices with an open heart and let them guide you towards a life brimming with joy, gratitude, and a deep connection to your authentic self. Happiness is not a destination—it's a journey, enjoy the ride.

So these are my top 13 steps to start to radiate joy- super curious to hear what your favorite tools are to stay happy and healthy?

Breathwork is one of my steps towards a happy and healthy life
And don't forget to breathe

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