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What is a cacao ceremony?

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

I get this question a lot so in this post I will explain what a Cacao Ceremony is and I hope to see you at one soon.

A Cacao ceremony to me is a pathway to my heart
Cacao Ceremony in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

For me a Cacao Ceremony is a sacred space where I've unearthed the enchantment of Cacao and its profound ability to nurture my heart and soul. Throughout this transformative journey during these past years, I've come to understand that a Cacao Ceremony to me isn't about trying to recreate ancient rituals; instead, it's a personal journey to form a strong connection with this beautiful plant medicine in a way that feels true to me.

Having participated in numerous Cacao Ceremonies in Central America, guided by indigenous medicine practitioners, I've been privileged to witness their undeniable magic. Yet, as someone whose roots lie outside this culture, I've found it more authentic to craft my own approach to this sacred practice. While I hold deep respect for the indigenous Fire Ceremonies and their cultural significance, I believe in creating a Cacao Ceremony that resonates with my identity and origin.

Despite not being born in a land where cacao grows naturally (at least in this lifetime), my profound connection with this sacred medicine has blossomed over many years. This connection has emboldened me to facilitate cacao ceremonies, all the while honoring the ancestral lands and cultures from which cacao originates.

Here are a few elements I always incorporate into my Cacao Ceremonies

Gratitude: Honoring Mama Cacao and everyone who made it possible for us to enjoy her.

In my Cacao Ceremonies, gratitude is really important. It's not just about enjoying the delicious Cacao, but also about appreciating the hands that cultivated it. We call in gratitude to all the farmers who planted these trees with so much love and intention and cares for the lands and many times protecting the lands from being overtaken by big corporations with no good intentions. We call in gratitude to everyone who has harvested the fruit, fermented the beans, dried them in the sun, lightly roasted them over an open fire, hand peeled every single bean and molded them into a delicious paste. Gratitude to the spirit of Cacao who brings us the gift of opening up our hearts so we can live more authentic from our heart space.

Cacao Ceremony
A Cacao Ceremony can be with a friend or in a bigger group, or maybe just with yourself

Intention: Shaping your Cacao Experience

Cacao is indeed a powerful plant medicine but she isn't a force that pushes us along a set path. She is a gentle guide, responsive to our intentions. So to me it is important that we introduce ourself to the spirit of Cacao and gently whisper our intentions, dreams, desires or words of prayer. With a clear purpose, we navigate our journey, shaping the energy of cacao to match our intention.

Sharing: Nurturing Connection

Sharing lies at the heart of my Cacao Ceremonies. In this sacred space, we not only share the nourishing cacao but also our innermost thoughts and intentions.

Gathered in a circle where everyone is an equal, we open up and speak from the heart, sharing our desires, dreams, and fears. We call in what we wish to manifest and release what no longer serves us.

This vulnerability and authenticity create a deep connection among us. We realize we're not alone in our journey, discovering strength in our shared goals and challenges. Bonds grow, and unity thrives. This is how we live in community with one another and create a nurturing connection

Breathwork and embodied movement

In addition to sharing from the heart, my Cacao Ceremonies embrace the power of transformational breathwork, gentle embodied movement practices, and the healing resonance of voice activations. These elements weave together to create a holistic and enriching experience.

Breathwork: During our time together, we harness the transformative potential of breath. Guided by the soothing rhythm of our breath, we embark on a journey deep within. It's a chance to release what no longer serves us and invite in renewed energy and vitality. Breathwork offers us a path to inner healing and emotional freedom.

Movement Practices: We invite our bodies to join the conversation. Through mindful and gentle movements, we connect with the wisdom of our physical vessels. These movements are a way to ground ourselves in the present moment, allowing us to fully embrace the journey.

Voice Activations: The power of sound resonates within us all. Whether through heartfelt mantras or soulful heart songs, we awaken our voices as a means of self-expression and healing. These vibrations connect us with our inner essence and harmonize our energies.

By combining these elements, my Cacao Ceremonies provide a space where you can explore, release, and transform. It's a journey that encompasses the mind, body, and spirit, nurturing your holistic well-being and deepening your connection with self and others.

Conclusion: A Transformative Journey

In essence, a Cacao Ceremony is my heartfelt conversation with cacao, a moment of gratitude, intention, sharings, breathing, singing and moving our bodies in a nurturing way. It's an opportunity for profound transformation, inner healing, and connection.

Whether I seek clarity, self-discovery, or a deeper sense of purpose, a Cacao Ceremony is my guiding light. It's a space where I open my heart, find balance, and awaken to the magic within and I am so passionate to share these powerful yet simple practices.

Embrace the enchantment of a Cacao Ceremony with me and embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing. My path to inner transformation and connection begins here. ❤️

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Ceremonial Cacao
Are you curious to try a Cacao Ceremony?

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