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This 2,5 hour ceremony  is available in both Swedish and English.

I host ceremonies and gatherings allover the world- this summer mainly in My Wild Meadow in Skåne and sometimes in Stockholm. 

I am a flexible being always up for an adventure so reach out if you want me to teach at any event, gathering, festival and let's talk.

You can read more about breathwork, benefits and reviews on the BREATHWORK page and read everything you need to know about CEREMONIAL CACAO.


This magical ceremony will look a little bit different every time depending on the season of the year, location (inside or outside), where we are in the lunar cycle and depending on any special requests you might have- bachelorette gathering, babyshower and for example birthdays is a beautiful time to gather your friends and family for a more conscious and heart opening gathering. One client did a ceremony with the friends who supported her through the grief of her father, others have done a ceremony to release stress, trauma, fears, past relationships or anger, and some to call in more abundance, joy and playfulness into their lives. Whatever phase you are in your life or cycle, we can create a beautiful ceremony for it. And why not gather your colleagues for a new kind of kick off or to release tension in the group and create a more understanding and compassionate team.


I create a warm and and safe space for your healing process and our session together includes all this medicina:

☽Introduction to ceremonial cacao and breathwork

☽A heart opening and nourishing cup of ceremonial cacao infused with whatever herbs, adaptogens and spices that is the most suited to the ceremony. 

☽Intention setting

☽Grounding Meditation 

☽A short movement session like shaking, body awakening, tapping or similar

☽Guided Breathwork

☽Aromatherapy (not included in online session)

☽Hands on healing (not included in online session)

☽Sacred sound bath

☽Sharing circle

If there is time we can also pull some oracle cards, totally optional.

A cacao ceremony with breathwork is for you if you might want to…

☽ Open up your heart and tune into to your inner voice, your inner knowing

☽ Get clarity on what is important in your life- find your purpose, your why

☽ Work on releasing stress and/ or anxiety and calm your nervous system 

☽ Get out of your head and quiet down the chatter in your monkey mind

☽ Get increased energy

☽ Increase your self love and self worth

☽ Enhance your creativity

☽ Explore new ways to heal your body and your mind

☽ Feel more grounded and in contact with your own body

☽ Connect with other like hearted souls

☽ Experience relaxation and total bliss

The price stated below is in My Wild Meadow in Skåne and for max 5 people. If you want me to come to your place it will be an extra charge starting from 500 sek depending on where you want the ceremony to be. 

If your group is bigger than 5 persons there is an investment of 400 sek per person for that.