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Wed, Jun 12




A 5 day training in the world of medicine music- learn new songs and instruments, learn how to hold and set up sacred space and get the tools and confidence to share your voice. Other activities will be breathwork, cacao, ceremonies, rituals and a deep forest spirit healing ceremony.

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Time & Location

Jun 12, 2024, 4:00 PM – Jun 16, 2024, 2:00 PM

THE WILD MEADOW, NÄSUM, Oretorpsvägen, 295 94 Näsum, Sweden

About the Event

Welcome to The Wild Meadow outside Näsum in Northern Skåne for a Medicine Music Training combined with our popular Forest Spirit Healing retreat

Are you dreaming of being able to play the guitar and sing some healing chants and mantras? Do you have some favorite medicine songs, and wish you could sing them yourself, with your friends, family, students or clients? Would you like to liberate the voice of your soul, finally trust your creativity, and have a lot of fun? Do you want to completely allow your natural, creative juices to flow?

Are you ready to fall in love with your voice? If you can allow yourself this possibility, huge healing will follow! You need no previous musical knowledge or experience for this, only a passionate desire to open up to the magic!

Medicine music is becoming a globally acknowledged medicine path, a deeply healing path of beauty, resonance, harmony, and devotion. It is also the path of uncovering and transforming our shadows, liberating ourselves from fear and shame of our natural expression, thus liberating us from the old structures that are holding us back.

This is a unique opportunity to step into the magical field of learning music in an organic, creative, and enthusiastic way, full of actual inspiration and a variety of tools to awaken your own magical, musical self. Our wild, indigenous self is always connected to music, just as nature herself is always full of sounds that are healing for our soul.

Connection to nature is more than inspiration. It is an initiation into a deeply rooted way of awakening the voice of your soul. Coming from your natural, innocent, wild, indigenous, connected singing star-child that you are!

We have a lot of fun and explore deeply the ritual space, learning how to hold it, trusting our beautiful impulses, and letting our bodies and hearts lead the way.

This retreat is as much a training, as it is a healing modality as well. Through the power of the ceremonial work, initiation, ritual, breathwork, plant work (Sacred Cacao and more), we are able to heal and open ourselves to the true miracle of our original gift.

You will receive practical, simple tips for your daily exploration, and inspired practices, as part of your integrated spirituality. After the retreat, we plan two follow-up sessions with the whole group online, in order to check in with the progress of your integration.


  • Basic chords, mantras, medicine songs & chants. You will acquire confidence and the ability to hold the Sacred Space with sound & music. The following instruments will be introduced: guitar, guitalele, ukulele, harmonium, frame drum, shaker, and singing bowls. How to sing in the ceremony -  a guideline for all levels
  • Discovering your true voice: the expression of our natural and most organically, connected self. You will come out of your shell, discarding your fear and shame of showing up with your voice.
  • Discover your voice as your own magical healing tool, an exploratory device, and a means to journey deeply within
  • Organic musicality awakening through guided contact with nature as our primordial teacher and Floramor’s original tools. Experience the release of old structures, gain confidence to sing in front of others, and even improvise from the connected place, re-claim lost parts of your wholeness and harmonize your system. Embracing your musicality like a child: out of joy and inspiration, opening to your wild, connected, native Self
  • Forest Medicine Ceremony: the essential experience of surrendering to the realms of magic. We let ourselves be guided by the original golden intelligence, coming from the Spirit of the roots, invite the plant whisperings and transformational power of the ritual
  • Embodied listening: learning to tune to the sounds of nature in depth, learning to sing from memory, and playing guitar from listening. Learning to listen to nature as a path of healing our connection to the land
  • Rhythm: learning how to shake and keep the rhythm, learning rhythmic shamanic beat on the frame drum and guitar
  • Inspirations for keeping the flow in daily life: how to stay interested in the process
  • Depending on where you are in the spectrum, you might even be able to offer sound ceremonies after this basic training-, it is however our advice to be patient with the process of development.

SAMPLE SCHEDULE  (Just a rough idea, we will flow with the weather and the wind)

07:00 Wake up- tea and journaling or nature walk

08:00 - 9:30 Breathwork session

10:00 Brunch

11:00 - 12:30 Voice-body workshop or learning instruments

Break, snack

13:30 - 15:00 Study of medicine chants & mantras with mythology, pronunciation, meaning and purpose for the ceremonial work

Break with silence

15:30 - 17:00 Guided medicine music walk in the forest: initiation into learning music from nature directly

18:00 dinner

20:00 evening program: Ceremony (Kakao, Forest Medicine) or a musical group session


Music is offered here as a path of liberation of the spirit, finding your alignment and awakening the creative potential. It is a path of discovering a unique gift that you are.

This training invites you to experience organic ways of unfolding your musicality in the form of a basic level course. Since the ceremonial work is the original way of sharing medicine music, we are designing this training as a ritual, starting with an initiation into the path of creative soul. The guidance of the Spirits is our main support.

We will develop our natural connection to music by engaging deeply the body and the voice in the process. It is a lot of fun and allows you to let go of fear and shame in your expression. We hold the space for creating music together, just with our voices, and later teach you a some chords on the guitar, so we can truly have a musical session. It is easier than you think!

We follow the path of music as medicine and offer you rituals and a conscious connection to nature and her spirits. The format as a whole works as a ceremony, and we live and breathe through every moment with the full presence of the heart. We will in fact begin with an initiation, thus asking full guidance of the spirits for this path.

We are here to fall in love with every aspect of our expression, but specifically with our voice. Even if you think, you cannot sing, we will make our best to create so much light, you can pierce through this illusion and negative thought patterns - this is the first step to unfolding your true musical being, which is wild, and is singing with the birds, and dancing with the sky.

immersion into the richness of tantric /shamanic cosmologies, languages: a journey into the wild beauty of the musical jungle-gardens

spaces and/or meditations FULL CONTENT:

  • Initiation ritual into the path of the creative soul,
  • Developing musicality by connecting deeply to nature, our bodies and voice
  • embodied listening practices
  • Learning basic medicine chants and mantras, with pronunciation, mythology, spiritual origin & tradition, meaning and application in ceremonial spaces. Chants and Mantras of in Spanisch, Portugese, Sanskrit, English, and indigenous languages
  • Basic guitar / guitalele / ukulele learning in group. Basic chords and how to do a lot with very little (having fun with knowing just 2-3 chords etc).; inspirations and tools for daily short practices. Organic approach to guitar learning and creative self-learning process: shamanic beat, organic and yogic-based approach to plucking,
  • Basic harmonium
  • Organic tools for unfolding the voice & musical sensitivity. Exploring, opening the voice through practices and tools for release (letting go of shame and fear), practices for unfolding your natural, organic expression, and the voice of your soul.
  • Accessing inner aspects that can heal through the voice and energy work, accessing archetypes, inner children and more
  • Forest Medicine Ceremony
  • Cacao Medicine Ceremonies
  • Breathwork Sessions
  • Guidance how to hold the sacred circle & ritual spaces with music and cacao: creating proper setting, using simple musical tools and basic shamanic and yogic chants (mantras), using simple tools to create a sound ceremony and guidance for how to sing in ceremony
  • Musical sessions together!
  • How to find the balance between humbleness (ceremony) and free creative expression (fun), and walk this path towards refinement.

Through ceremonies, breathwork, cacao, sound work, forest walks,  journaling, delicious vegetarian meals and elixirs, herbal sauna & lake plunges, laughter, dancing, singing and a lot of connection we will let go of our daily programming and take the opportunity to heal in nature together with other likehearted beings.

We will eat healthy and nourishing vegan dishes using highly nutrient superfoods and only high vibe ingredients. We will drink epic herbal elixirs, smoothies and of course expect a lot of ceremonial cacao.

About the Forest Spirit Ceremony:

We dive into the womb of Mother Earth via the golden network provided by the Forest Spirit, who welcome us directly into Her organic intelligence, allowing us to arrive at the source of being. This magical encounter is held in a safe and respectful way. Noble Silence is the basic rule. The participants travel internally and are accompanied by Medicine Music and prayer rituals. Our ancestral connection can be realized, necessary for providing a sense of belonging.

Leave your 3D structures behind to nourish yourself, open to expansion, and truly root yourself in Mother Earth.

About the facilitators:

Floramor is a devoted singer of medicine music in different forms. Honoring the spirit of the traditions she is inspired by, she chooses to grow her own garden.

Floramor could always sing. And saw herself performing on stage. Nevertheless it took her 20 years of transformational personal work (including 6 years as an ashramite, devoted entirely to a monastic path of yoga), before she was ready to call herself a “singer” and a “musician”. Her career took off with the success of a unique band Mantra Tribe, that has been performing at major spiritual festivals in Europe since 2016 and created its own genre, a tribal ecstatic mantra music. Here, Floramor lives her incarnation as a “rock star”, channeling the crazy, transformative energy of Goddess Kali on stage and in her compositions, that she creates with the band.

Since 2017 she has been on a synergistic path merging creatively the elements of her tantric and yogic experience with the plant medicine work, learning from different shamanic traditions of Central and South- America and channeling music. Floramor sees and honors the One Spirit behind all different traditions, serving the unfolding of the new consciousness on the planet.

 ‘Together the songs are weaving a vision of harmony and I am deeply grateful to offer them a space, where they can display their delightful beauty’.

Nina Medicina is a herbalist, swedish forest goddess, cacao and breahtwork facilitator and she owns the magical sanctuary- The Wild Meadow, where we will host this retreat.

Nina has been working with herbs, plants and ceremonial cacao for several years and she is very passionate to share sacred herbs and plants in ceremonies all over the world combined with a technique called transformational breathwork and sacred sounds. Nina has been studying all sorts of healing modalities with some of the world's most renowned teachers. She is a herbalist from The Gaia School of Healing and School of The Sacred Wild and she is currently in a 18 month long herbal medicine program for woman with the amazing herbalist, midwife and MD, Dr Aviva Romm. She is a certified holistic health coach from IIN, a 200 YTT AMBA womans embodiment teacher as well as a breathwork teacher, trained with David Elliott. She also has a 100 hr certification from sound ceremony academy as a sound ceremonialist.

On top of that she has gone to retreats and festivals allover the world, sat in ceremonies with plant medicine teachers, shamans and healers and spent the a few months at a permaculture farm in Costa Rica- and the answers she always comes back to is that Nature is the best medicine!

This training is in need of a chef focusing on local, healthy, high vibe vegan or vegetarian food.

We are also offering discounted rate for anyone offering their services in photography & videos from parts of the training

Payment plans available for those in need- reach out and lets talk


- Easiest is to drive and we can help to arrange carpool (samåkning)

- Coming from Malmö you take the train to Bromölla and then Bus to Näsum k:a and I can pick you up there at a pre- decided time (so everyone will come with the same bus)

- Coming from Stockholm you take the train to Hässleholm and we can arrange pickup with taxi or pick up from someone coming that direction. Depending on time I might be able to pick you up- Price is then 1000 sek one way.


Nedan följer avbokningsreglerna för retreats, kurser och utbildningar på The Wild Meadow

Avbokning retreat:

Vid avbokning behåller jag 2000 SEK i avbokningsavgift.

Vid mindre än 30 dagar återstående till retreat-startdatum behåller jag 50% av retreat-avgiften.

Ifall du avbokar mindre än 14 dagar före denna training får du inga pengar tillbaka.

Ifall du behöver boka av i sista minuten pga oförutsedd händelse som sjukdom går det bra att flytta fram din investering till ett framtida retreat.

Om vi tvingas ställa in retreaten så betalas avgiften tillbaka till fullo till ditt konto.

Cancellation policy:

If you cancel your spot we will keep a cancellation and admin fee of 2000 sek

If you cancel less than 30 days before the start of the retreat you will get 50% refund

If you cancel less than 14 days before we start the retreat you will not get a refund.

If you need to cancel last minute due to unpredicted reasons like illness  you can move your investment to a future retreat.

DM or email for more info and book your spot today 



  • Deposit

    Pay non refundable deposit now and the rest before April 25th

    SEK 3,500.00
    Tax: Moms included+SEK 87.50 service fee
    Sale ended


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