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Mon, Aug 26




This 4 week training is designed to provide you with the tools, information and confidence necessary to practice Ceremonial Breathwork as a healing modality for your own personal healing as well as for clients- all levels welcome. We meet for 4 Mondays 18.30-21.30 Swedish time


Time & Location

Aug 26, 2024, 6:30 PM GMT+2


About the Event


Welcome to a 4 week journey created to help you explore Ceremonial Breathwork as a powerful tool for healing, whether it's for helping others or for your own healing and well-being. In this unique training, you'll discover a mix of my favorite medicines: breathwork, movement, energy healing, rituals, understanding our energy centers, and learning how to create your own unique ceremonies using your gifts.

Throughout this training, we'll dive deeper into the science of breathwork and gain a better understanding of our body's energy centers.

We'll mainly focus on a simple three-step circular breathing technique called Transformational Breathwork but we'll also explore other breathing methods.

If you're already on a healing journey, this training can help you expand your offerings by understanding how breath can be a powerful form of healing.

You'll learn:

  • The basics of breathwork, including the science behind it and contraindications.
  • We'll practice the transformational breath, but also explore different breathing patterns for relaxation, anxiety relief, and boosting your energy.
  • The importance of setting clear intentions.
  • The fundamentals of the Chakra Energy system and how to use it in healing, both for others and yourself. You'll also learn to identify and release blockages in the chakras.
  • Working with the elements and connecting with their healing power.
  • How to create a sacred and safe space.
  • Releasing and clearing energy, letting go of emotional baggage and negativity.
  • Choosing the right music for different ceremonies, and you'll have access to my handpicked playlists designed for each chakra.
  • Crafting your own ceremonies with tools like sacred smudging, essential oils, altars, herbs, and cacao.
  • Structuring a complete breathwork class.
  • Incorporating songs, drumming, and rattles.
  • Exploring self-healing and connecting with your inner wisdom.
  • Hands-on healing techniques.
  • Developing your unique teaching style and starting your journey as a Breathwork Guide.
  • The art of closing a ceremony and integrating the experience.

Ceremonial breathwork is a powerful way to reduce stress, anxiety, and trauma by simply changing your breathing. It can help you access deep wisdom within yourself and release built-up emotions and negative energy. This form of conscious breathing is safe and has been proven effective for chronic stress, anxiety, and depression. It can also lower high blood pressure, improve sleep, and boost overall well-being. If you're looking for a way to become your own inner healer and bring wholeness into your life, ceremonial breathwork might be just what you need.

No prior experience with breathwork is required!

Our meetings will be held on zoom on the following dates:

 We meet from 18.30-21.30 (Swedish time) on these dates: 

August 26th

September 2nd

September 9th

September 16th

If you're taking this training to gain confidence and knowledge to teach breathwork, you'll be paired with a breathing partner. This allows you to practice giving and receiving breathwork with fellow participants.

After completing Level 1, you'll receive a diploma. To become certified, you'll need to:

  • Show proof that you've hosted at least 10 classes with feedback from friends, family, and your community (both positive and constructive).
  • Complete a written test.
  • Attend at least 3 live sessions and actively participate in the sessions and our WhatsApp group.
  • Take the Level 2 Ceremonial Breathwork training taking place in October each year in Skåne, Sweden.

Example of what a class can look like:

-Arrival and settling in

-Short movement practice to get in the body and out of the monkeymind

-Intention setting and sharing

-Theory- breathwork, chakras, the elements, rituals etc

-Q & A

-Breathwork practice.

-Closing circle and sharing

Sessions will be recorded upon request-  so in case you can not attend all of the sessions live they will still be available for you to watch.

Payment plans available for those in need.

Cancellation policy:

The payment for this training is non refundable. Sessions will be recorded and if you cant join live you are welcome to watch the recordings.



    PAY 50% now and the rest before we start.

    SEK 2,500.00
    Tax: moms included+SEK 62.50 service fee

    Sale ends: Jul 25, 11:50 PM GMT+2

    Offer ends July 25th

    SEK 5,555.00
    Tax: moms included+SEK 138.88 service fee
  • Regular Bird price

    From July 26th

    SEK 6,555.00
    Tax: moms included+SEK 163.88 service fee


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