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You will learn everything about ceremonial cacao and cacao ceremonies

Service Description

Are you curious to learn everything there is to know about ceremonial cacao and cacao ceremonies? Come to My Wild Forest or meet me on zoom for a 3 hour workshop. Do you want to learn how to prepare your own cup of cacao and get recipe inspiration? Do you want to learn more and get inspired on how to create your own cacao ritual? Then this is the workshop for you. We will spend an afternoon together drinking cacao, learning, sharing, making our own cups of cacao and discussing how to create our own cacao ceremonies and rituals. This workshop will give you insights of: - The history of cacao - The benefits of cacao - The difference of ceremonial cacao and chocolate - How to create your very own cacao ritual - How to create your own cacao ceremony - Spices, superfoods, adaptogens and other ingredients that mix well with cacao - How to create your own delicious cup of cacao - How to sit in meditation with cacao - What practices goes well with cacao We will end the afternoon with a cacao ceremony and we will also sing some songs that goes well together with drinking cacao so if you have any instrument at home feel free to bring it. You will get your own block of ceremonial cacao to bring home with you as well as a lot of knowledge and confidence to start sharing cacao with your friends or partner (its epic to drink cacao before a conscious lovemaking session as cacao is a magical aphrodisiac- need I say more?)

Cancellation Policy

Fri av- och ombokning senast 24 h innan tid, annars debiteras 50 % av beloppet. Cancel a workshop or event at least 24 hours before planned start time or 50% of the total price will be charged. For retreats its a separate cancellation policy.

Contact Details

Nina Medicina Retreats, Trainings, Breathwork & Cacao Ceremonies, Oretorpsvägen, Näsum, Sweden

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